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Below is a photo of me, my purpose and what I feel I have to say.

I don’t have all the answers I never have, never did, never will.

My words may not match your words nor mean the same so I ask myself, why use words.

What I see as silence, peace, harmony you may see as avoidance, projection and disharmony.

Distractions mistaken as purpose and robotic cycles of inner debt swirling round and round.

Merry go round.

I don’t find it merry.

So many books, so much information yet so much confusion and separation from a natural state of peace.

Is a book a gift of knowledge or a portal to wanting more needing more, being more and knowing less about yourself.

Being more – so overrated.

I’ve found this is doing more and being less.

Our book of wisdom lies within each and every one of us.

Deep within and deeper.


It cannot be manufactured, programmed, processed or copied.

A lively life of stillness.

The embodiment of God.

Our liveliness in the midst of peace.

The presence of no order.

The white of each cell.

Bec Hart.

ascension, life, relationships, Trauma

If I were to write a book…

If I were to write a self help book many wouldn’t find it very helpful, possibly frustrating in fact.

For all we learn lies within our lives, body, mind and soul not the pages of a book, a guru, a course.

Yes they are great for planting seeds, gaining confirmation and relatability but ultimately your life is your life, your path, your liberation, your knowing.

I am really uneducated in religion, politics, geography, history, spirituality. I like it that way as I know that my knowledge is not tarnished, I have no preconceived ideas, judgements, beliefs associated with anything whatsoever. Just my own knowing which for me is more than enough.

I see myself in the eyes of all and I have peace because there is no belief, judgement, system, ideal standing in my way providing a barrier or a dissonance within or without.

Pure flow, no need for justification or agreement as there is nothing to justify or agree to or with. Don’t get me wrong I have my personal truths but knowing that they are mine and they are rooted in my truth and being. I feel no need to impose on another as they have their truths and ways of being and this too is amazing, so very liberating and insightful.
I truly love freedom, liberation and personal truths and I believe in all yet I believe in nothing.

There’s something magical about trust; trusting your path, trusting flow, trusting source, the universe, God, most importantly yourself and I believe all these are one and in the same breath yet they aren’t.

To love, to love without losing yourself is trust, it’s liberation, it’s wholeness. To love without sacrificing yourself for another is love. We have no need to sacrifice anything in a relationship with another when we are liberated, whole and we have trust.

If we are love then we give love to all there’s no selectivity, conditions, attachments. There’s no disservice and dishonour to oneself as a means to feeling worthy, seen, enough. We enjoy our time together and our time apart. Space, freedom, liberation. There is no need, it is what it is.

You cannot lose yourself in another if you are complete. Unwilling to play the game of push and pull, chase and withdraw, victim and perpetrator etc, etc. Taking full ownership for all in life, giving and receiving, communicating, allowing yourself to be naked, vulnerable, seen, heard. Embracing the messiness of a relationship as well as the joy because all is experience, flow, colour – all is growth.

Connected fully to the ground and the sky you find circumstances within and without shall not alter your state of being, they don’t shake you elate you or shut down and break you like they used to. As you are whole, connected, balanced and fully grounded.

You can’t lose yourself if you don’t give your power away and there’s no need to give your power away if you trust yourself, love yourself, honour yourself – as within, so without.

This past few weeks I’ve really shifted some deep ancestral patterns and it feels so very liberating!

We never fear another, a relationship, a rule, change, anything. What I’ve found is our fear is rooted within our self and that in which we are or aren’t capable of. Ultimately we are capable of everything.

Bec Hart.