Is this real? Am I real?

Something has changed.

In this space, a vast space.

A void perhaps.

A feeling of being invisible.

Somehow unreal.


Am I losing my mind, reality?

Have I arrived in a reality in which I never realised was already here.

A destination I need not travel yet I’d been looking for all my life.

Sensations of my body melting, merging into everything in which, I see, feel, taste, touch and hear.

I feel nothing yet everything.

I feel nowhere yet I am here.

Lost yet so very found.

Everywhere I look, I see myself.

I feel myself merging into all that surrounds me, no conditions, no attachment, no bleed-through.

My heart pours, overflowing with love like hot honey oozing from the hive of the bees.

Golden, magnificent, abundant and so wealthy.

How can one feel so whole yet so invisible.

Experiencing all colours whilst feeling invisible, all at the same time.