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Sinking deeper yet not to drown.

Realising in all that arises;

The confusion.
The chaos.
The questions.
The raw emotions.
The lively sensations.
The bickering mind.
The disconnect.
The loneliness.
The breaking of the walls.
The raw, bleeding heartache.
The urge to seek outside self.
The need to grasp control.

Old dying habits, grasping their last breath.
An opportunity to sink even deeper into self.
To form a bond deeper than the ocean.
Body, mind and soul unite.
As one, not war.
Inner turmoil dissolves.
Melting into presence.
Sinking deeper and deeper into inner velvet.

You got it this time.
You felt it didn’t you.
Lost yet found.
Without ever leaving.
Sinker deeper into self.

A new way formed.
By you, for you.
For all.
A smile of gratitude.
A breath of life.
In that moment.
Feeling the truth of self.
You are love.

Bec Hart.

ascension, life, musings, rebirth, relationships, spirituality, Trauma


So we’re taught in so many ways to look outside of ourselves.

We feel we need to be, do and have more because of this falsified system, hierarchy of who is better, richer, stronger, wiser. Ultimately we are all body, bone, blood – no more nor less.

To be educated we must go to school or have teachers in the form of a heirarchal system. That’s so interesting when we look at the word university – UNIVERSE CITY our teachings are all around us but are we choosing to see them or are we too caught up in trying to find who we are?

Our outer reality is a projection of our inner reality!

I have a cat, Stanley there are many other cats that live locally yet they choose to come into my yard and they teach me so much, they truly are masters and they don’t need the cap and gown or a certificate to prove it.

So these three cats have been at logger heads. Stanley is well balanced he’s like a little Buddha, one is very needy and can give love longs for love but in that pushes love away as it becomes smothering to others and the other one has been quite traumatized and it’s like a cat version of a knife wielding cactus, it terrorises the other two cats and fears receiving love yet yearns to be accepted. All very beautiful in there own way and most definitely relate to aspects of myself.

The division between this triad of cats was very prominent yet it’s taken me several months to actually figure out and see the truth of that in which I was being shown.

One beautiful event involved me standing bare foot in cat poo just as I was about to lose my temper about the chaos the cat was causing, I so brought that into my reality. I just stood in someone else’s shit, so gross yet it definitely stopped me in my tracks of which I was very grateful.

So I’ve been through a lot of trauma and I really truly have had the biggest adventure of learning to heal multiple traumas and learning to trust and love myself.

Most recently I had been doing work on myself to integrate past traumatic events. So basically if I saw myself at that moment in time of a specific event – what did I need, what did I want, what did I need to tell myself. Then I would do these things, nurture myself, love myself and welcome that part back home as such. Only unconsciously this was causing more division within me as I basically wanted to call myself back to bring myself out of disharmony as oppose to accepting what had occured and having gratitude for the lessons at that time thus denying that part of me. It has taught me radical, deep self love since.

The cats were basically mirroring how I felt about myself. I was in constant conflict of all these different shadow, rejected aspects of self; “The needy one” “The raging one” “The constantly drunk one” all just wanting to be “The peaceful one.” In wanting the peace and rejecting the other parts,

“I’m so glad I’m not like that anymore,”

I was actually rejecting and fragmenting myself furthermore causing more inner conflict thus outer conflict. I was so very disconnected from myself, life and others. I was consciously aware that I didn’t want to numb, deny or fill these empty parts with obsessions or addictions yet felt so truly at war within which caused a constant loop in which brought up feelings of abandonment, powerlessness, not being enough and fundamentally having something seriously wrong with me.

The cats taught me, they showed me as I sat outside and it all just appeared, unfolded, came together before my eyes.

I was whole, I was searching for something that didn’t exist. I was trying to “fix, find, discover” something that didnt exist, the invisible. We cant see the invisible so in this we’re constantly stuck in a loop.

All of me had brought me to this point in life; all aspects, all traumas, all versions, shadow, light, all lessons and in that moment I fell deeply in love with every single part, facet, colour of me as there was no good and bad, right or wrong, I just was and who I am is more than enough. It was in this moment I broke and I realised in trying to heal myself I was actually harming myself.

There was never anything to fix about myself, there was never another person to make me whole, a dream job, a dream partner, the perfect parents. I was everything, I am everything and I have everything. I was the home I had always so desperately searched for, the peace, the love, the wholeness, the balance, the confusion, the chaos, the passion, it was all me.

In that moment I become one.

My outer world reflected my inner world.

I became a master, a master of self.

ascension, relationships

My childhood dream came true.


It was merely a dream, a fantasy to be on stage singing, acting captivated by the wonder, the props, the scenes, the magic. To be a part of that magic and shine like a star.

As I grew older and older this dream slipped away, I slipped away losing myself and my dreams were so very out of reach. Most of my life unable to trust myself, not knowing what I wanted, who I was or what I enjoyed.

I found myself doing so many things I didn’t want to, pleasing people, enduring unhealthy relationships, wearing a mask, hiding, agreeing, denying, seeking validation, torturing myself and feeling so heart-wrenchingly unworthy of even my own breath. This went on for so very long until one day I decided it was the day I died or the day my life changed forever.

Fast forward to this present moment and my life is so very different. It’s taken a lot of strength to get here! It has not been all glittery and magical and I accept this, I flow with this, I honour this.

As this life cycle is coming to a close ready for new beginnings many opportunities arise. My childhood dream of being a singer and actress in a play is offered to me, the wonder, the excitement takes over. How incredible an audition with no experience this is pure magic, so incredible I am blinded by excitement for my inner child.

The day arrives for my audition, I’ve not rehearsed my gut instinct isn’t very happy indeed and I’m left feeling so confused. I go within searching for answers. I receive an answer I go deeper, deeper, deeper uncovering my truth. Am I fearful? It could be fear as I had been ruled by fear previously but deep down I knew it wasn’t fear, I was no longer in that space, that zest was not there.

Then and there it all came flooding to me,

“Sometimes we seek validation in ways that aren’t always so easy to see.”

I personally thought I always wanted to be on stage to live a life of performing because I loved music, singing and dancing. The truth behind it was I was seeking, looking outside of myself and my life. Wearing a mask, hiding my true self, playing a role, having the structure I felt I needed, being told what to do – discipline. Being a good girl! This basically¬†equated to “Don’t be yourself!”

I longed to be noticed, adored, validated and loved and unconsciously since I was a child I truly thought this was the way I would be.

I realised the gift I had been given in being offered this incredible opportunity in more ways than I could ever possibly imagine. It had made me realise that it’s not aligned to who I truly am and my desires in life.

My realisations/my truth;

I love flowing and having a schedule isn’t flow, I really can’t plan in advance any longer I have to be in this moment. This is becoming so apparent in my life at present.

Singing and acting another’s wishes is personally a role/a mask for me to hide behind. It’s what I had done most of my life! This was an eye-opening discovery into the way I wasn’t choosing to stand in my power and I suppose we can all find ways to deny the truth by going into a safe mode by hiding our true self in the most deceptive forms.

So many more realisations, so eye-opening.

I didn’t go to my audition, it’s not for me anymore. I still sing, dance and create but it’s from flow not force. No need to memorize nor plan its pure passion, pure alchemy and all so very authentically¬†me.

I was grateful for the opportunity, so grateful and the deep discoveries of self that it led me too. I realise that I’m here to lead not follow, to be exposed not covered, to create from flow not force and to stand strong in my truth even if others don’t agree. We are all free to have our own opinions and voice there’s no right or wrong all is perception.

This is what I love about life we are all so very connected yet so very unique.