ascension, life, relationships, spirituality



I’ll wait for you.
I’ll wait until the tide turns.
The ashes rise.
Till the day we meet.
Eye to eye.

Until the one who stands before me stays.
When fully in my power.
No push or pull.
No more running games.
Standing bare in honesty.
Authentically you as I am me.
Speaking truths.
Respect remains.
Standing in our vulnerabilities.
No projected blame.

Balance is the key to life.
Open honesty.
Alive to live, be, thrive.
Breathing deep.
Feeling all.
As energy meets.
It says it all.
Accepting the darkness that lies within.
There is no perfection.
Be naked, grin.

Apart yet we grow heart to heart.
No fear on our own.
We’ve been truly alone.
In liberation we were set free.
You found you.
I found me.
Nothing else comes close.
Unless it’s worthwhile.
In each moment.
I’ll go deeper inside.

Intimacy will flow of this I know.
Slowly with passionate curiosity.
No fear nor fleet.
Until we meet.
Evolving and rising.
Digging so deep.
To be on the horizon.
My soul speaks to yours.
You’re here it’s clear.
Signs and synchronicities.
Run deep they speak.

You’re in my heart.
My love you’re here.
Yet never alone.
I’ll place my hands on my heart.
The place I call home.
I feel God here.
It’s sacred, gold soul.

Bec Hart.