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I chose to sit with you.
A million scattered shards, of longing yesterday’s.
Dis-ambiguous lasers fiercely peaking through the core of my heart.
The rabbit hole went deeper than I imagined.
Somehow I got trapped in there.
Chasing yesterday’s.
Building barriers of self blame.
Abandoning my true nature.
For the love you could not receive.
It wasn’t my pain to hold, to drown in, to dissect.
It was my power to feast though.
Devouring each breath of love for my self.
Dipping, delving and drowning in pink and gold.
Deep forgiveness rose from the lofty revelation of
the trauma filled lens that encapsulated and marred my sight.
Thank you my love.
My heart.
At peace.
As the past is layed to rest.
My heart opens as a child.
Birthed bright.

Bec Hart.