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Seeking perfection will never end as perfection shines within the imperfections.

Constantly learning and growing yet not grounding, what if we choose to just sit for a while and breathe in the beauty. All the knowing in the world won’t allow for this.

When seeing ourselves in another or maybe another answers our calls through their words, we are seeing God.

God runs through us all just as energy, no need to attach to another for we are all and there’s an infinite supply.

Everything unfolds in a state of perfection, allow, observe and breathe in the experience. There is no need to heal it, manipulate it, learn more, know more. Wisdom blossoms from seeing it, feeling it and allowing the expansiveness of just being with it.

We can never truly be alone as we are held by all as we in turn hold all, a skin to skin contact yet no merge. A beautiful dance with no style commanded a pure sensory explosion, a feast of freedom.

God as consciousness runs through us all whether we’re aware or not, it just is as the air we breathe, the land we walk upon, the sun that shines upon our magnificent bodies and the rain which cleanses our yearnings for more.

If we be still for just a moment, we may come to see we don’t need more, there is no more.

For we are all.

Embodied when we sit at the seat of the land and truly feel that feeling of vastness, stillness, the silent sweet poetry, that is us and is all.