Manifesting your reality – Wow I’ve manifested my dream career (from last year).

Manifesting really does work!

I started to consciously manifest mid 2017 and I was told to “Start off small,” (the words which came back haunt my existence). I had so many dreams, plans and ideas all of which I definitely wanted in my life and I was so going to get them. Every new moon I’d write what I desired, I was so terribly excited. I create a vision board every 6 months (I still do this), I would feel into the dreams I had planned several times, I would watch motivational videos and all was well in my world.

I started to see results! Yippee!


Don’t get me wrong I have manifested some remarkable things into my life but I have also manifested a career based upon who I was and not who I truly am, a multitude of opportunities that were not aligned with my values and financial freedom.

YES financial freedom, you read that right! Financial freedom = To be financially free – free of finances, as in I had manifested having no money. Also being so consciously aware I couldn’t help but laugh as I knew I had done it when my lightbulb blew my vision and mind.

So here are a few tips;

☆ Start small.
☆ Meditate before you manifest
☆ If your mind isn’t clear your vision won’t be either.
☆ Your dream job may not be your dream job in the future especially if you are going through multiple shifts.
☆ Manifest from passion not desire/lack.
☆ Choose your wording carefully.
☆ Do not keep changing your mind.
☆ Keep it simple and specific.
☆ If you are healing and/or working on de-conditioning, allow yourself time to heal before manifesting business (BUSYness) in.
☆ Be extremely clear in what you want.
☆ Ask for kind, loving, smooth transitions.
☆ Like attracts like! If you are not in your power and a place of unconditional love be very careful manifesting any romantic relationships in.

So many lessons learned!

This period of my life has created so very many lessons, wisdom and a huge amount of gratitude for what I do have in life. I believe that there is wisdom in all, everything truly happens for a reason and it is so important to take accountability for everything that has happened for us by us! For we are the creators!

Stuck in this space.
I wish to scream.
My eyes so bloodshot.
My aura green.
Those dreams I had.
The plans I made.
The foundations laid.
All options played.
My mind so dense.
My thoughts bemused.
A year later.
My dreams came true.
Yet no longer were they aligned.
Now my creativity lost and confined.
Where shall I go from this manifested space.
I don’t wish to be the role I made.
I’ve stripped those layers.
I’m fresh, naked and new.
What creations can now be birthed?
For I’ll start anew.