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Know this dear one;
They never saw you because they were focused on themselves, the situation, the war.
They didn’t leave you when they stormed out, they left the situation.
They didn’t reject you they rejected themselves.
They didn’t prefer the drunken nights, they prefered to block their pain, the reality, the truth.
They said they never argued yet you felt it, heard it was torn into two not knowing what to do.
They laughed at you because you hit their wounds, the truth, the reality they feared to touch.
It was never your fault.
It was never their intention to hurt you in fact they truly didn’t see.
They too felt these wounds as children.
An ancestral heirloom passed along and prized.
A battle of dualistic, conditional love and loss of self.
A bleed through of two people trying to become one, merging through the voids, bonded by pain.
There is no blame, just a constant loop of push – pull, mine – yours, right – wrong and a broken confused child that’s never seen or heard.
Thus repeating patterns as an adult, holding on to all that destroys them for fear that they’re bad, unhinged, unlovable, broken, not ever enough.
Holding onto shame, blame and guilt as you hurt your children too, you didn’t see for a time either but you did choose to see.
Now dear one, you are seen, heard and loved. By you, for you.
Hold yourself dear one.
Until the haunted cries, torn parts, dissonance and confusion, dissolve into peace.
Now you are seen and heard.
Now you are whole, you always were.
You’ve nothing to seek, find or prove.
Know this dear one, you were strong enough to be seen, to be heard and to feel.
You had the strength to be.
You are love itself and you are more than enough.

Bec Hart.

ascension, life, relationships, Trauma

Separation as our core wound.


What if our core wounding was seperation.
We all endure and feel seperation.

Seperation creates a mental loop one in which we cannot unravel as it’s an infinite illusion.

The unsolvable jigsaw of illusion that’s re-affirmed through action of another.

Whereas the true wound lies in seperation
from initial birth – the beginning of time as such.

The beginning of the beginning of it all
From the stars and beyond.
If there ever was a beginning as such.

Reflected in every lifetime, every living thing.

Reflected, triggered and confirmed in events via People, places, things.

So we look to an initial event in a linear fashion which cannot be remembered or found.
We feel the impact of the core wounding in our bodies thus creating a loop of what happened to us;

Trigger = I feel it – I cannot understand it – what happened.

A never ending looped illusion.
As we are never separate from anything.
All is here albeit in different form at times.
A core wounding that unites us all in separation.
Unity in seperation.
As there is no separation.
All is energy.
All is self.
There is no core wound.
Nothing leaves.
Just changes form.
As we are everything.
We are the illusion.
An illusion of non illusion.

Bec Hart.