Passion and joy are found in the deep, darkness of our cores – Contemporary dance is my liberation, my therapy.

The power of dance is beyond the limits of my mind, when I dance my heart takes the lead. My whole body ready to venture into the depths of each moment of my life; The smiles, success, beauty, loss, tragedy’s, traumas and terrors. Deep into an abyss of the unknown. The memories held and repressed within the imprint of each cell, each individual part, my whole being in its entirety. My ears absorb the depths of the frequency, the delicious vibrations that are sound, as the music envelops each molecule in the room, I venture into another world.
I lose myself yet find myself simultaneously.

This is magic, pure magic, alchemised into something that words could never elucidate. In that very moment where my body is driven by my soul, I am burrowing through my deepest fears, freedom is found, I am unbound, lost in the love of unbridled despair. Transmuted, transformed into an unchoreographed masterpiece of movements, fused with both darkness and light. Constriction, explosions, rhythm, love and flow. I feel, touch, taste, sense, smell it, I am it. This feeling I cannot view with my eyes but those who watch can.


To be open, lay bare.
To be vulnerable, not a care.
I move my body from within.
I dance with passion from herein.
I take the time to explore my world.
No fear of judgement.
I’m here, I’m bare.
Some say I’m strange.
I just don’t belong.
I say I’m strong.
I know who I am.
I dance to my own song.

We are not born to be small, quiet and repressed within a society of beautiful clones. I chose to live, love, create, to be unique and most definitely make you FEEL something.