Not a caterpillar nor a butterfly – Lost in transition.

Who am I? Why am I blocked? I can’t move forward, what’s going on?

Not many people mention about that stale period, the one between certain life areas ending and your new beginnings. The transition period where you feel like you’re energetically shackled to an air of nothingness. Sinking deeper into the sludge, doubting and questioning literally every area of your life. Wondering what on earth is going on! “Why have all of my plans become stagnant and who am I now?” Why is this happening when I’ve literally put so much effort and work into my life, the world’s against me, I’m never good enough, it’s not fair. If you’re not consciously aware, you can easily slip into “why me” mode. Knowing that you’ve been letting go of the safety, the familiarity; to thrive, rise and move forward into your highest light but wondering why you feel like you’ve gone off path somehow. Don’t clutch at straws, don’t re-route. Rest, integrate and enjoy sinking your teeth into this meaty offering during this period of time. Always remember, life happens for you not to you!

Look what is being shown to you, feel the uncomfortable sensations, thoughts, loop patterns, darkness and send each one of them love and understanding. Realistically you’re being given a lifeline to address deep rooted fears, beliefs and hidden patterns that prevent you from moving forward into a bigger, bolder reality than you could ever imagine. Sit in the darkness, feel it, love it, embrace it. Know that wherever you are, is exactly where you need to be at this moment in time! You are perfect, perfectly imperfect and through an unclear lens you’ll eventually see that all you needed to know, be and do was here all along.

Wait for the alignment, it’s where true miracles occur.

Drowning in transition.

Waiting for a sign,
a sign that I don’t see.
A sign of how to move forward.
A sign of I to we.
The silence is so deafening.
Frustration, a heavy blow,
to my peace of mind.
Who am I now,
where do I go,
I really just don’t know.
I’ll sit here in the silence.
See what comes to mind.
What is my purpose?
What do I love?
I just can’t seem to find.
I move from head to heart.
Just then I start to see.
A flicker of light.
Put pen to paper,
My path is clear to see.