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If one eats a strawberry and decides this is a strawberry on first taste every strawberry thereafter could be comparible to the first.
If one sees a strawberry as bad as it is not pristine, one may cast out strawberries forever or judge them thereafter, hereafter.
If one rushes and gobbles a strawberry they may not actually truly experience the strawberry.
If one eats a strawberry every single day would you compare it to the first, the last, the bruising, the beauty.
Can you eat a strawberry every day as if it is your first time, allowing it to be all it is in each and every moment.
Can you taste, touch, see, feel, hear, smell, connect with the strawberry allowing all of it and all of you to merge without a single judgement – good or bad.
Could you meet the strawberry every single day as if it’s the first time and feel a deeper connection without trying.
If God gave you the same strawberry every day of your life could you meet it in the Morning and offer it space, presence, connection, communication as if it was the first time.
Can one meet each day, person, animal, experience, place with fresh eyes in each and every moment.
Can you truly meet another.
Can we truly meet ourselves.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

Art, Connection, God, life, love, Messages, musings, philosophy, poet, Poetry, presence, realisation, Source



Do you truly accept me as all I am in each ever changing moment.
Can you flow with the fields of grace as the tides rise.
Can you sit back and allow rather than fix, flea or fault find.
Can you help me, truly help me by helping yourself.
Can you accept all of me without judging the parts that seem more appealing.
Can my perceived flaws become a home to your sweet, compassionate smile.
Can you work with me and flow like a river and maybe be still as ice in winter, eye to eye, gazing into our souls as one breath to one eye.
Can you accept that I want all of you, not just certain parts.
Can you accept that I’ve met your darkness with an open heart.
Can you accept that I will never be perfect and cannot fullfill your insatiable needs.
I shall not feed them either though as love needs breath and your needs within your heed.
Can we work together apart.
Can we create something new.
For what I’ve seen of love in movies, is not love but an adornment in which this love is lost.
I truly, deeply, feel and see all of you.
It will never come at a cost.
For I found eye when I was lost.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.