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Why would we want everybody to be just like us. For some reason we can possibly drive for this; old beliefs playing in the background… not good enough, to good, something right, something wrong.
Striving for people to agree or see things our way.
Oh a dream….What if.
What if this event, leads to this. Where we can all be the same and skip in harmony.
Where there’s no confrontation, no conversation, no motivation nor inspiration.
What if in a lower state of awareness this same pattern is one where we all desire to look a particular way.
What if.
Still wild, loud and present.
Morphing into another form.
Is one truly awake or going round in different coloured circles. Yet this pattern just as sacred as the rest.
There’s beauty in the eye of another.
The curiosity of what they see, feel, taste, touch.
Of this, we can never truly know.
How interesting is it to hear another’s experience without wanting to change it’s intelligent form….
Without seeing ourselves and the versions we may or may not accept just yet.
What if we lay down these old patterns of psychoanalysis. Coming from a place of acceptance where there are no labels. Lay our selves in awareness and love and accept one another in our now form, regardless of what this is.
Different flavours, textures, tastes.
Journeys of wilderness through ancient skies.
Sensory explosions of creation.
Coloured creations – unique delights.
Highs, lows, who knows where or why one moment leads to the next. There’s something deeply sacred in this unfoldment, pure divine intelligence breathing life in each cells call.
Do we want to live a life where we all turn into bread.
Bread to read, bread to eat, bread to breathe.
Or is the world just perfect as it is.
Imperfection our past creating dread.
Many different coloured threads.
Weaving life.
The weave, the weft.

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How 24 hours can shift your reality.

Yesterday wasn’t an ordinary day as mentioned in my last blog, I felt like I had gone backwards, way back in time. Way back in time with a totally different perspective yet there were many realisations, many! It wasn’t a very nice place I went to admittedly.

The call for balance in my life was most definitely the most profound realisation, as I realise that I’ve somehow managed to become too focused on within and really would like to be outdoors more and socialising.

Fear was still playing it’s sad song in the background of my life preventing me from coming forward with my gifts, using the same old excuse of, “I don’t know how or nobody needs me, haven’t got a purpose.” Screams of coming last in everything as a child. Although last place/backwards is the best place to be as you get to see everything in full colour and surround sound.

I’d love to know if anyone else does this form of self sabotage to avoid shining in the spotlight (which may never even happen).

Today totally different mindset, I actually received a message off a friend who could truly see me. The power in someone acknowledging you is profound, you feel less alone with it somehow. What impact that has is something I could never ever explain. Just like how I somehow manage to travel around in time, maybe one day I will know more about this but it’s something I’ve done since I was really young. I remember certain events that happened say at 15 then I found out it occurred 10 years later but this was an event for me to remember as it was a guide for what I would be doing later in life.

This has happened to with artwork only for them to come true in my life at a later date or even uncovering past events and the connection between all.

My life feels unusual at times, I feel unusual at times. I’m not sure if it’s because I am or this is happening with lots of people and we don’t speak out because of fear.

I’m here speaking out, I’m not hiding anymore. I love all of me, even in the darkness and strangeness of reality – if there is such a thing.

Heart still a little tender today but I’m breathing and that is truly the basis of life.

I am alive.

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When seeking destiny,
Destiny fled afar.
When seeking the path.
The path became a hole.
By doing we lose being.
By being we lose the why’s.
Are somatic memories and beliefs
creating this now reality by disguise.
Are we ready to drop these old lies.
As we lose this who is self.
Give up our old dirt.
Birthing our purest self.
Merging with and as air.
Unlimited potential.
Pure dreams unconsciously manifest.
A weaving of our passion fuelled potential.
Leaving all our old deceptive wounds.
We need not preach old stories forever.
When those truths become our way.
Had it reigned label over us forever.
When teaching is it preaching.
Recreating our old dirt.
Is one truly happy.
In this now.
Or lying in despair.
Gripping onto old hurt.
Illusion, that it’s care.
When it’s truly a sneaky way to heal our former self that we could not bare.
Manipulating form to the one who stands.
In front of us lay bare.
Accept their mirror.
As they themselves.
Are perfect as they stand there.
Can we allow ourself to feel.
Birth the truest you.
We aren’t our past.
Nor in the future.
We are of presence, truth.

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When focusing in on what you have got, haven’t got.
Where you are or you aren’t.
What you can do what you can’t do.
What you can have what you can’t have.
You, we, I are suggesting that we are those things.
An identity as such.
This causes separation.
A feeling of loss, loneliness and something missing.
Whether you have, haven’t.
Are or are not.
Realising that with or with out these “things” we are the same person regardless of what we do or are.
Realising in each present moment we just are.
Accepting what we choose or don’t choose doesn’t define us, it’s an experience which we are a part of yet not of.
Intertwined yet no merging bleed through.
We can be present fully with our experiences without judgement or loss of self.
I may drink alcohol today, I may not.
I may exercise today, I may not.
I may cry today, I may not.
I may be in a relationship, I may not.
Neither defines me.
I am my self regardless of all.
There is a mid point.
A point of acceptance.
Its where all dissolves yet all is present.
There is no definition.
It just is.
We just are.

Bec Hart.

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The one that’s not going to the gym nor has a desire to have muscles is no better nor less than the one who chooses to go to the gym and fine tune their physique.
The one who has money versus someone who doesn’t. They are no different they both face life’s challenges, maybe in different ways, maybe not.
To the one who gives their time freely and another who asks for payment equally just as giving, equally just as consciously alive.
We don’t know the challenges people face but yet we can be quick to judge what we define as right and wrong – there is no right or wrong, all perceptions.
The one who has life planned out to the tee is no better nor less than the one who takes life moment by moment nor another one who chooses to take a break.
We all have huge hearts but some are closed none better nor less than another.
We all have different needs, journeys, lessons and desires.
There is no right way, no wrong way and sometimes there is actually no way.
We can view life as an experience to touch our soul, to get closer to ourselves, the core of the earth, the sun in the sky.
We can focus on our path and make it fucking beautiful inside out, so others may like to join us for a warm summer stroll or a chilly winter walk.
There is no judgement here, for I don’t care to judge myself any longer, I got really tired of it, really pained by the torture I was causing myself.
I’m not anything, I’m just me.
Just as you are you, wherever you are at I accept you that way, I’m no better nor less.
The closer we get to our core self we see all as themselves with no desire to judge, compare nor wonder why they are doing certain things because we were once those people we see.
Just as we are a possible future version of them, they may see this, they may not either way there is no good, bad, right or wrong.
We are all playing this game called life; many versions, many levels, many stages.
So many missions to complete to get to the next stage yet I’m tired of missions and targets, I just want to dance, sing, play.
There are viruses to clear sometimes, those viruses I’ve found come from within.
A distortion of the mind on how we view ourselves, life in general or another.
I honour your level, your life, your game, your mission just as I honour mine.
There is no comparison, no higher or lower, we’re all just trying to find our way.
Through a maze.
Back into our beating, breathing heart.

Bec Hart.

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Are you happy?

We talk about happiness as a destination.

A dream island reached by the alchemy of gold, the nectar of source.

Fuel for the magic transportation of our personal blue flying carpet.

What if there is no happiness.

What if happiness is a shattering flood of heightened dissolution.

An opportunity to seek a destination of emotional status, something that is not of us.

A puppet master of yet another matrix field.

What if there is an opportunity to be the wholeness of experience, in it’s emptiness.

Vast colours sweeping through an internal sea.

Waves as frequency.

You, I, we.


What if we accept all with no label adorned.

A lively, fluid sea of life.

An opportunity to feel how all is the experience.

Can we truly feel as one expression, abandoned impression.

No need for suppression, altered states or digression.

A dream or maybe not so.

Full, grounded, earth shattering reality.

Embodiment as all, in each present presence.

Not a projection of how we wish our lives or each state can be.

An acceptance of life.

As all is life.

So alive.

Infinite creation.


Bec Hart.