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If someone is always viewed as a beast they will always be a beast and dictate your life from the shadows.
When did a child turn into a narcissist or co-dependant….when did the child turn into the swinging pendulum of it’s polarised parents, grandparents, ancestors, society.
I’ve found Narcissism is always fed by the beastly status.
When you allow yourself to see under that hard exterior, shell, there lays fear, pain, suffering.
A petrified child fearful of showing their pain to the world that’s why they play games, psychoanalyse, hide, find your weak point to hide, to hide so you cannot see their messy humaness and raw naked, sensitive vulnerability.
When you refuse to feed the game, they have no prize to focus upon.
I’ve seen this from observing pained children who have grown into numbed, apathetic adults.
I saw a beast of an ex partner turn into stone yet show a glimmer of humaness if only for a second.
Imagine if you shed the layers of illusion, if you can hate so much, imagine how much love you can experience.
The beast within us all dies and the charge, pain and judgement within dies when we accept ourselves, our expansiveness, capabilities, limitations.
I’m not interested in fixing anyone, taking on projections or playing games.
I’m not interested in being right, this most likely will not be a popular post.
I’m not advocating anything here.
However I do not see beasts.
I see contrast.
I see more opportunities to unite with myself as the world on the deepest levels.
I feel my own validation.
Love me or hate me.
It’s yours to hold.
Labels separate.
Love just is.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.