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When your heart is yearning.
Pour yourself into yourself.
It yearns for you.
It longs for you.
It calls to be heard.
To be held.
To be here.
Not there.
Love is not found in another,
Nor is happiness.
For you are love.
Crack open and let it flow.
If you hand the key to your heart
To the one.
Let that one be you.
Nobody else deserves the honour.
Of all of you.
There’s no need to give yourself away.
It’s a painful existence.
An open wound.
A melded plaster.
A painful seperation.
When you long and yearn.
Pour yourself into yourself.
No other can fill you.
To be filled.
Call for source, the divine, God, Christ.
Whoever you choose.
That spark you see in another.
That light you feel you need.
Is source.
Fill yourself up.
Please don’t give your heart away.
Most definitely not to me.
I am not the one.
I’m unsure if there is another at this point in time.
Outside of me.
Time will tell.
What I do know from life is.
When yearning, when not filled.
I/she/he could never meet your expectations.
They’re not what you’ve imagined.
Don’t give yourself away.
At least not to me.
When they said no it meant no.
Stop trying.
Save yourself the heartache.
I’ve been there too.
Yearning for someone who isn’t interested.
A painful existence.
Wondering why.
Trying, forever trying.
Save yourself for yourself.
Fall into the arms of the beloved, source.
Pour yourself into yourself.
Your heart yearns for you.
To give up the fight.
To come back home.
Held always forever held.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

change, Christ, Connection, God, life, MOVEMENT, presence, Source, spirituality, Trauma



For the past 90mins or so I have been conscious and having a seizure, many seizures, more release yet to come as I can feel it.
I couldn’t stop it once it started.
I don’t know if I have ever seizured before but haven’t consciously.
I am perfectly incredibly more than fine.
So please don’t be concerned.
I’m actually quite amazed.
It’s incredible the gift that I’ve been given.
I’ve known something major was unfolding in my life leading up to this.
I’ve felt heavily held as if they are with me energetically and still am by the energy of living family members, ancestors, God, Christ within for the past few days.
There’s been huge unfoldment leading up to this.
A seizure from what I have experienced (I can only comment on my own experience) is the reinactment of traumatic events stored within the body.
It is a discharge and release of the trauma imprint and memory.
This was confirmed by the third eye visual I received whilst it was happening of someone I know who suffers with seizures.
I was very ready for this!
This part of me has been frozen in time as such.
My mind, body and soul aligned to this knowing I was ready for this!
I have just witnessed exactly what happened to me through body movement, body reactions and non reactions and the movements that were forced upon my limp body in 2012.
The body has just released the exact movements both where my body was moved by them and the uncontrolled natural body responses (like the heart beating or when we sneeze etc) and I most definitely was fully unconscious when it happened.
A seizure from what I experienced is a delayed trauma release, it’s not something forced it just happens naturally and is a delayed reaction like that of which an animal naturally flows to after freeze in a near death situation; shaking itself back into it’s reality and releasing the stress and hormones that are surging through the body.
The release from freeze state when it’s been many years later can brought on and triggered by a simulated experience or similar experience of the unfoldment of the initial trauma e.g movement, smells, tastes, touches, visual etc.
I asked God for divine intervention so much for this.
Hope this helps someone.
Please only take what resonates.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

ascension, change, Community, Connection, life, musings, Trauma



Today I’ve had opportunities to address boundaries, unconscious, selfishness, respect, free will.
To address the rights and free will of others not only myself.
I went to hospital today, a place I generally avoid.
I had no choice but to wear a mask.
At first I was reluctant.
I went deeper into this wondering how I can bring awareness and acceptance into this situation.
I see masks and now shields (visor masks) all speaking volumes through symbology.

I look to when I was working in a lab and I was wearing masks, gloves (I’m just waiting for the ear guards to come out next đŸ¤£).
This place of work was pretty traumatic, poisoning, unfair wages, humiliation, unfair treatment etc etc, my friend used to call me Erin Brochovich, that film found me lately too, never a coincidence.
I see now most of that was a mirror for how I was treating myself.
I created my reality even when I couldn’t see.
So I really wanted to open up to what may be laying unconscious that’s projecting these visuals into my reality.
The distancing between people also like a shield – distrust, repelling closeness, boundaries, separation.
The appearance of judgement from others very polarised.
Attention from others – a mask given for the truth of what’s truly needed and wanted – connection, truth and intimacy.
A sign to show I am not aligned to receive.
A sign to show where I needed to hear and be with myself.

In the past I would have refused to wear the mask or begged to wear a mask – both induced by fear.
Today however, I felt into the deep compassion for how it feels to live in fear.
How by me refusing to wear a mask or even needing to be right and have rights etc was a projection of pain yet a denial of actually truly feeling.

I’ve been consuming ice cream lately, I don’t eat ice cream generally.
I know I’ve been avoiding feeling because what wants to come through has been hidden a long time.
It’s been stuffed down most of my life.

The ice cream the connection from when it first started….this will make it better.
I’ve been shown a lot today, copious ways I used to distract myself popping up as now thoughts to get my attention.
Fully realising none of these were about now just parts returning needing reflection, awareness, integration, realisation.
I wore the mask, I realised by not wearing a mask I would actually be trampling over other people’s boundaries, their safety net, their right.

It’s not harming me in any way wearing a mask, I don’t need to be heard of how they don’t work and be right about it etc.
Maybe someone needs to feel that protection, that safety.
Who am I to deny that through selfishness.
It would be selfishness as I have absolutely no reason to oppose wearing one in honesty.
There are truly no set rights and wrongs.
Perspectives based upon our lens of reality.

Opportunities breathing life, deeper ways to love, be compassionate and to understand.

This journey humbles me so much.

The NHS I’ve struggled with so much because of how I was treated.
Now I understand though, you cannot see what you cannot see.
I CHOOSE to see.
I do not wish to remain blind to others needs.
I don’t have to sacrifice mine either.
All an opportunity, shown in very distinct ways.

I appreciate everyone and where they are in their journey, I feel I’m beginning to truly understand (If we ever can).

When all is connected, again there cannot be seperation as such.

I’m sorry to anyone I’ve not heard or seen, I apologise for crashing through your boundaries, I’m sorry for projecting at you or oppressing you through my need to be right, through fear.

I hold deep forgiveness to those who have done this to me also.

I’m not perfect.

I love the humaness of life.

My soul rejoices.

Life – you never know what’s next.

We’re together in this.

All of us – non selective.

Reflections/musings – Helen Rebecca Hart.

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I write this from my heart.
A heart that’s been punished by self and others.
No war ever won.
A mind that’s been ravaged by “trying” to get out of the victim mindset.
Looped in a pattern of trying to get out of the victim mindset.
Roar into an oppressor.
To hide behind the walls.
Flip, flop, round, round.
A body that’s been worn down, torn, separated and belittled by others and I,
pushing the get out of the victim mindset pill.
Is there something fundamentally wrong.
Is it just me.
No it isn’t.
It’s quite likely anyone and no-one stuck in duality, polarity.
Hidden wounds, hidden life behind the curtain.
In one form or another.
A pill with a very bitter coating that poisons the spirit within.
A pill pushed as it’s an ulterior motive of the hidden one within that may not accept it’s own inner victim and prefers the deceitful power a mask of the oppressor.
I have contained both.
I’m no saint, saviour or demon.
At times they can come and say Hello when triggered.
“Hello” remember me.
“Not again.”
“Ooh let’s play.”
Neither better nor worse.
Both generally circulating around the core sacral wounding, falling into a pit of despair.
Seeking, seeking always seeking.
It may be temporarily satisfied by false sense of achievement called competition and winning at life.
It may be temporarily satisfied by hiding out, escaping from the noise.
It may be temporarily satisfied and filled with food, pity, hiding, superiority, alcohol, drugs, plant medicines, relationship, lack of relationships – anything basically.
Never satisfied – insatiable.
Don’t try anything.
In fact try nothing.
Don’t even try that.
Those voices inside.
Those tired, weeping wounds.
Orange, red and black.
Open raw.
Allow them to bleed.
Pour them love.
Welcome them to your safe home.
In time, they’ll return.
As one hand in hand.
Yin to the yang.
Yang to the yin.
Knowing it couldn’t have been any other way.
Always whole and empty.
For not though.
Do no thing.
Don’t even do that.
Find the space inbetween.
Yet don’t look.
Always breathing.
How is that?

Art + Musings – by Helen Rebecca Hart.

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What I’ve found in life is that nearly everything changes, what never changes is that pure essence that cannot be described with words that is experienced from within and without simultaneously.

This expands and expands and expands into an eternity, an infinite space of no space in absolute truth.

The changeable aspects we all wear are life a change of clothing, some you grow out of some you like, some you dont like, some fit, some don’t.

Sometimes we may try to squeeze into things that don’t fit out of denial. Sometimes we wear things that are to big to hide.
We can wear costumes to act like we’re unknown to draw attention from what’s underneath but does this then draw attention to a persona that just cannot ever be maintained.

We all have problems, flaws beauty, difficulties, opportunities, surprises, experiences and a range of diverse emotions, feelings and beliefs.

Like a tree, we may have straight bits, smooth bits, lumpy bits, inverted bits, projected bits, plain bits, multicoloured bits, textured bits, hairy bits, you get the message they’re all part of the whole.

Sometimes we can embody wisdom and consciousness expansively. Sometimes we realise why a mountain bike is actually called a mountain bike.

We look to others at times like they have caused the stuff that’s bubbling up inside of us be it hate, love, lust, projections, numbness, seperation, unity, rejections, oneness.
We contain all that we “hold.”

We aren’t defined by that which we hold, that isn’t us and neither is the reasons we may feel this way.

Patterns, traumas, processes, hand me down ornaments from ancestors (no blame here), history and a lot of pain that’s affected the way we can see truth is the root that’s needed to delve into kindly, curiously, openly with love and a keen eye.

The patterns change form and changes form, frequency, fluidity and density along the spiral whether it be up to ascend or down to descend. The spiral looks more as an hourglass in the truth of how I’ve experienced it and downwards can mean inwards when consciously working with the somatics of the body.

We hold different beliefs, different views, different titles, etc etc etc.
We can judge this think we’re right, stay stuck.
We can accept that our differences are our journeys, our paths, unique flavours that may be used in a range of meals, delicacies, delights, concoctions, chaotic sensory flops.

Is judging perceived greatness any more or less than judging perceived failures.

Which eye do we use to truly see and which ears do we hear from, inner, outer, something inbetween.

I don’t have any answers.

I do have love though, I am love and in that not even love yet the unchangeable essence with no explanation that was the beginning and is now the end.

We all are.

We all ARE.

Art and Musings by Helen Rebecca Hart.