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Are you happy?

We talk about happiness as a destination.

A dream island reached by the alchemy of gold, the nectar of source.

Fuel for the magic transportation of our personal blue flying carpet.

What if there is no happiness.

What if happiness is a shattering flood of heightened dissolution.

An opportunity to seek a destination of emotional status, something that is not of us.

A puppet master of yet another matrix field.

What if there is an opportunity to be the wholeness of experience, in it’s emptiness.

Vast colours sweeping through an internal sea.

Waves as frequency.

You, I, we.


What if we accept all with no label adorned.

A lively, fluid sea of life.

An opportunity to feel how all is the experience.

Can we truly feel as one expression, abandoned impression.

No need for suppression, altered states or digression.

A dream or maybe not so.

Full, grounded, earth shattering reality.

Embodiment as all, in each present presence.

Not a projection of how we wish our lives or each state can be.

An acceptance of life.

As all is life.

So alive.

Infinite creation.


Bec Hart.

ascension, life, musings, philosophy, Poetry, rebirth, relationships, spirituality



Below is a photo of me, my purpose and what I feel I have to say.

I don’t have all the answers I never have, never did, never will.

My words may not match your words nor mean the same so I ask myself, why use words.

What I see as silence, peace, harmony you may see as avoidance, projection and disharmony.

Distractions mistaken as purpose and robotic cycles of inner debt swirling round and round.

Merry go round.

I don’t find it merry.

So many books, so much information yet so much confusion and separation from a natural state of peace.

Is a book a gift of knowledge or a portal to wanting more needing more, being more and knowing less about yourself.

Being more – so overrated.

I’ve found this is doing more and being less.

Our book of wisdom lies within each and every one of us.

Deep within and deeper.


It cannot be manufactured, programmed, processed or copied.

A lively life of stillness.

The embodiment of God.

Our liveliness in the midst of peace.

The presence of no order.

The white of each cell.

Bec Hart.

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I feel the storm brewing alive.
An earthquake.
A volcanic eruption.
Bubbling inside.

This time I won’t run.
This time I won’t hide.
I welcome you.
I call to you.
I’m here.
Arms open wide.

Speak louder.
Show me that wish you wish me to hear.
This time I won’t numb.
This time I don’t fear.

I take a strong coffee.
For the first time in years.
To strengthen your call.
Tell me dear one.
Why are you here?

I cry.
Happy tears.
I can feel.
I can thrive.

Anxiety I accept, all of your call.
I’m here, I am breathing.
No need to survive.
As there’s nowhere to fall.

Bec Hart.

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“You are my life,” innocently said the parent to their child, looking deep into the child’s eyes filling their cup up in that very moment,

“I love you, you are my life.”

The child grew older, “You are my life” said the boy to the girl.

The boy left the girl and the girl felt like she had lost life.

The girl eventually moved on with life, then the boy chased the girl as he too felt like he had lost life and must seek it back, to find himself.

As time went on the girl now a lady and the boy a man, they went their separate ways.

The man says to his wife,

“I love you, you are my life.”

They have children and they say to their children,

“I love you, you are my life.”

As the children grow they feel they are missing something in life.

They feel they need someone to be their life, so they continue the cycle of giving their life mistaking it for love.

As the children become older and parents become ill, the adult child looks to the parent with the weight of the world held in their stomach. Feeling as they are their life they should be able to save them – be their life.

Can you see the pattern? The family heirloom passed down dressed as a gift of love yet containing chains that bind.

The moral of the story is, we are life.

Life is eternal, infinite.

Nobody can give that which we are.

Whole, complete, living our own lives.

We may be apart (A part) of our children’s, parents, partners lives.

Yet we aren’t there life as we’d be fused, attached and unable to be able to form healthy connections and continue in the push, pull of the dynamic of looking for love outside ourself. Love cannot be gained within another as we are love, just as we are life.

The lady says to her partner, child, friend, “I am my life” and I love that you are yours.

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Break me beautiful,
Glimmers of the sea.
The morning frost as dawn breaks.
Excavate the darkness I can’t see.
The jewels of a cave.
A rare sight for us to speak.
The beauty of fall, copper leaves.
Flowing, Autumn breeze.

Break me beautiful,
In to a million stars.
As dust from Grandmas ashes.
Breathing life, red planet Mars.
A portal to the eye of truth.
An opening of our heart.
The crackling of the icy cage.
Escapes a pounding heart.

Break us beautiful.
For beauty shall be all we see.
From the souls darkest night.
To the birth of a raging sea.
To be all as beauty.
In darkness and in light.
Accepting there are no weaknesses.
All strength, let’s take flight.
Break us all beautiful.
It’s clear for us to see.
Whatever colour, day or scent.
As we look with eyes of truth.
God is all we see.

Bec Hart.

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Am I bringing myself back to in each present moment, when creating and living.

If you place your past experiences all of them in your past for just a moment, no labels, any niggling thoughts of needing to fix, heal yourself, the world, another.

If there were no feelings of inadequacy, needing to be seen, loved, understood, validated.
If there was no need to provide, be more, do more, have more.

Stripping the brutal lies of who you were told you are. Your (THE) labels, illnesses, your mission, the lies and conditioning you thought were or are you, your natural essence.

Allowing the tower to fall into an expanse of nothingness.

If you for one moment sit, sit still in this moment, breathing, listening to life, feeling life, fuelling life and flowing as life.

In this moment feeling your incomparable wholeness, eternal wealth, source dripping nectar fuel beingness oozing into your external reality from within.

What’s that SPACE of creation, what’s that passion fuelled nourishing wholeness looking and feeling like – fresh days, fresh waves, fresh ways.

Creation from passion.

A new way/wave of BEing.

Bec Hart.

ascension, life, musings, rebirth, relationships, spirituality



I have no aspirations to become something.
To be well known and liked.
As a success in the eyes of the outer world.
I have no goals.
I have no prison.
I have no expectation.

There’s no desire to push myself, to become.
Launch myself into abundance.
Reach the highest highs.
Escape the lowest lows.
Nor seek a relationship for connection or needs sake.
I’ve no desire to agree with you to fit in a box designed to keep me small.
So I’m desired, validated, received comfortably.
I’ve no desire to judge myself or another, to compare what’s incomparable.
I have no need to respond when there are no words needed.
There’s no need to seek myself in something external nor a desire present.

For I realise, we are all.

Feel into this for just one breath of earth giving life.

There is no thing to seek, to search, to be, to gain, to possess, to have.

Yearn to wake each morning and connect deep within.
To explore deeper into our own being and the being of the world.
To explore each breath, feeling, sensation and delve into them with curiosity.

Allow yourself to be seen and heard.
To listen to the whispers of your deep, passion driven desires.
Listen to another’s depth through the eye of your mind and the bursting cerise of your heart.
Create from deep within, delve deeper still.
Creation at your core, life in your living.

Connect with those who feel like home, like stars, like sea.
Hold space for those lost at sea.
Lovingly witness those who feel like honey.
Observe yet be present enough so there is no stickiness attached to your skin.
Yet no bitterness from our tongues.
For they are you, we’re you and are love, just as you.

Fill yourself up from the well of wonder within.
Lonely, go deeper.
Seeking, be still.
Rest into all that you are.
The wealth of the world.
The expansion of the sky.
The consciousness of the Gods.
Allow yourself to fly.
All externally will magnetise in divine time.
Allow yourself to be whole, to be home.
As one body, mind, heart and soul wrapped in stars.
For no one can take that away.
There’s life in the living.
Being in who we are.

Bec Hart.