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If one eats a strawberry and decides this is a strawberry on first taste every strawberry thereafter could be comparible to the first.
If one sees a strawberry as bad as it is not pristine, one may cast out strawberries forever or judge them thereafter, hereafter.
If one rushes and gobbles a strawberry they may not actually truly experience the strawberry.
If one eats a strawberry every single day would you compare it to the first, the last, the bruising, the beauty.
Can you eat a strawberry every day as if it is your first time, allowing it to be all it is in each and every moment.
Can you taste, touch, see, feel, hear, smell, connect with the strawberry allowing all of it and all of you to merge without a single judgement – good or bad.
Could you meet the strawberry every single day as if it’s the first time and feel a deeper connection without trying.
If God gave you the same strawberry every day of your life could you meet it in the Morning and offer it space, presence, connection, communication as if it was the first time.
Can one meet each day, person, animal, experience, place with fresh eyes in each and every moment.
Can you truly meet another.
Can we truly meet ourselves.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

Art, ascension, change, Children, Christ, Community, Connection, Death, God, Intuitive, life, love, Messages, musings, presence, purpose, Source



I’d like to offer a message of hope.
A message of hope to those that seem to live in a way where their work, truth, self, existance, needs, being is seemingly unnoticed.
Maybe you feel unseen, unheard.
Maybe you’ve stood back to allow.
Moved forth to take action.
Tried to co-create.
Followed your truth.
Changed patterns.
Created new beliefs.
Created new waves and ways.
Still no great success, healthy partner, abundant cash flow etc…
I’d like to offer a message of hope to let you know and please only take what resonates.
That one person or selection of people that truly hear/heard your words are far more powerful than a million followers.
Success is in the alignment to all you are.
Success is the ability to live your truth.
Success is living and breathing your true life which I believe is destiny and path.
We were never meant to compete and compare.
Each person’s life individual to them and their lessons.
Maybe you imprisoned yourself in your creations at some point.
The way out can be slow.
If so true liberation awaits.
You aren’t your creations nor the work you do.
They aren’t the labels adorned either.
We are the all.
All of life.
All of love.
All inbetween.
You are your validation.
You are your success.
You are the recognition.
Look at what have achieved for yourself.
Within yourself.
Within your family.
Ancestral lines.
You may not see the ripple effect of that which you’ve brought to life just yet.
One day you may.
One day you may not.
Know this though.
All is connected.
Working together apart – apart together.
You were and are enough with the first beat and every beat of your heart.
You are just as much enough when the last beat ends.
Your first breath – life.
Your last breath – a new life.
No additions needed.
For anyone.
For everyone.
For all.
We are all.
In breath.
In living.
In connection.
In a vastness one could never mentally comprehend.
You are enough.
By the time you read that I hope your felt that within yourself already.
With love, I hope this message finds you well.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

ascension, change, Christ, Community, Connection, God, life, Messages, musings, presence, purpose, realisation, Source



Never have I ever felt so humbled in all my life.
My ankle broke yesterday, always a greater reason, always.
Two incredible people sat with me for two hours yesterday, called for an ambulance and waited with me in the pouring rain and mud, so appreciative and grateful for their kindness.
An ambulance crew come into the woods to wheelchair me to the ambulance, so grateful for their determination.
I feel so blessed for the health I have now.
I feel so blessed at the mental strength I have attained, I never realised how strong it was till now.
I feel so blessed to have supportive family and an NHS that are really caring and kind.
I’m grateful that the hospital have respected my wishes to do everything thus far without any medication.
I absolutely love the human spirit of people and there total utter beauty and depth beaming from their pouring hearts and souls.
Truly blessed to be sharing this experience with so many others in their pain, joy and human experience.
Life so fragile, love so strong.
It’s really opening my mind, heart and compassion to that which I’ve not seen for a while.
So many signs.
Already I’m learning patience, how to accept help, releasing the need to do everything myself.
It’s stopped me in my tracks to break me into flexibility and deeper presence.
Closer to God, source, all.
When I asked for a breakthrough or to be broken beautiful it wasn’t really this I expected but somehow I’m finding the greatest beauty, compassion, tears, joy in a painful situation.
Grateful for life.
God’s got a plan.
Even in suffering you can somehow assist one another without trying too, connections and differences, truly hearing each other, holding space, prayer.
God’s given me something I never expected, in a place I never thought it would be brought to life.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

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Do you truly accept me as all I am in each ever changing moment.
Can you flow with the fields of grace as the tides rise.
Can you sit back and allow rather than fix, flea or fault find.
Can you help me, truly help me by helping yourself.
Can you accept all of me without judging the parts that seem more appealing.
Can my perceived flaws become a home to your sweet, compassionate smile.
Can you work with me and flow like a river and maybe be still as ice in winter, eye to eye, gazing into our souls as one breath to one eye.
Can you accept that I want all of you, not just certain parts.
Can you accept that I’ve met your darkness with an open heart.
Can you accept that I will never be perfect and cannot fullfill your insatiable needs.
I shall not feed them either though as love needs breath and your needs within your heed.
Can we work together apart.
Can we create something new.
For what I’ve seen of love in movies, is not love but an adornment in which this love is lost.
I truly, deeply, feel and see all of you.
It will never come at a cost.
For I found eye when I was lost.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

ascension, change, Children, Christ, Connection, God, Inner child, life, love, Messages, musings, One, poet, presence, purpose, relationships, Spirit, Trauma


When your heart is yearning.
Pour yourself into yourself.
It yearns for you.
It longs for you.
It calls to be heard.
To be held.
To be here.
Not there.
Love is not found in another,
Nor is happiness.
For you are love.
Crack open and let it flow.
If you hand the key to your heart
To the one.
Let that one be you.
Nobody else deserves the honour.
Of all of you.
There’s no need to give yourself away.
It’s a painful existence.
An open wound.
A melded plaster.
A painful seperation.
When you long and yearn.
Pour yourself into yourself.
No other can fill you.
To be filled.
Call for source, the divine, God, Christ.
Whoever you choose.
That spark you see in another.
That light you feel you need.
Is source.
Fill yourself up.
Please don’t give your heart away.
Most definitely not to me.
I am not the one.
I’m unsure if there is another at this point in time.
Outside of me.
Time will tell.
What I do know from life is.
When yearning, when not filled.
I/she/he could never meet your expectations.
They’re not what you’ve imagined.
Don’t give yourself away.
At least not to me.
When they said no it meant no.
Stop trying.
Save yourself the heartache.
I’ve been there too.
Yearning for someone who isn’t interested.
A painful existence.
Wondering why.
Trying, forever trying.
Save yourself for yourself.
Fall into the arms of the beloved, source.
Pour yourself into yourself.
Your heart yearns for you.
To give up the fight.
To come back home.
Held always forever held.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.