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Really struggling with this thing called life.
I feel there are so many expectations of,
Who we are.
Who we need to be.
What we need to do.
I feel I can’t breathe for being taught how to live.

How about just living and dropping the mask.
The judgements.
The myth of how life needs to be.
The paradox of “authenticity.”

How about you meet me face to face.
Eye to eye.
Foot to foot.
Yes we have a body.
Yes we too are the universe.

Who knows.
Everyone has a different perspective.

How about we ditch the jobs.
Wake up to the fact we pay to live.
To live on an earth that earth owns.
Work to pay.
Pay to work.
Pay to eat.
Eat to live.
Live to pay.
Round and round.
An un merry.
Let’s not go round.

I could meditate.
Be in the stillness.
Dissociate from the game.
Is that not just the same as drowning in it though.

Funny thing isn’t it.
Yet not.

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I come to the table empty handed.
Is that enough for you.

I cannot sustain distraction.
Can you sit inside my heart and breathe.
Is that enough for you.

I cannot bow to the abuse of power and pretend I am ok.
I do not hate you but I hate what happened.
The return to balance is near.
Is that enough for you.

I have no riches, none.
Broke into birth.
My heart holds treasure.
Is that enough for you.

I cannot promise forever.
I can promise each now.
Is that enough for you.

Authenticity flows with tides and waves.
Up, down, wild, still.
Can you be there in the wilderness.
Can you be true to yourself.
Is that enough for you.

I am barely seen, noticed, successful, heard.
Patterns of past lives playing puzzle.
Little women.
I learnt a new way.
I am overflowing with wealth within.
When times get hard.
Will this be enough for you.

I’m a mixture of shapes, lines and textures.
When you get close.
When you see this over time.
Is this enough for you.

I live life from the inside out.
I am far from perfect.
Wild, untamed, stubborn.
Peaceful, placid, deep.
Contrast of dark to light.
Sometimes positive, others little hope in sight.
Is this enough for you.

Sometimes I want to leave myself.
I choose to stay.
Deeper, deeper, deeper.
Close to source.
Is this enough for you.

If not.
I am a wild woman.
Not one for a fearful heart.

Bec Hart.

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Bi-Son – Tri- Son – Two suns to 3.

There was a Bison.
Who held a tri-sun.
He faced the palm of I, sun.
Against the moon of wisdom.
Would he lie son.
Upon the nigh sun.
Oh I don’t know son.
Yet the TIME is here.
There was this space son.
Upon a face sun.
Yet you would know son.
Thine is the ONE.

Poetry, art, channeled video – Bec Hart.

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The wind it moves.
A sacred dance.
A loose structure.
Pure cleansing.
The wind holds eyes.
In ancient skies.
Orange – red.
A holy bed.
A resting wake.
A longing tooth.
From foot to eye.
From brick to roof.
Ancient winds.
The tide shall turn.
Some will win.
Some shall learn.
In both a winner.
No loser.
The Earth.
The wind.
Blows wolf.
Angelic might.

Poetry, video, content – Bec Hart.

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You stepped forth.
I hadn’t heard from you for a while.
My love didn’t die any in that time.
I knew deep down.
There was something unsaid, unheard.
Most definitely felt.

The circles, the patterns.
The pain, the peace.
I heard from you again.
No thing had changed for me.
You spoke.
I appreciated your deep honesty.
It must have been difficult.

I heard from you again.
You released me.
Thank you.
Beyond grateful.
Lost in space and time I was.

Fly free my love.
Never far away.
One thought away.
Always here.
Just in another form.
Fly free Dear one.
My love shall never cease to be.
I wish you well.
My love.
My lessons.

Bec Hart.

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Will there ever be a time where we can just be ourselves and that be enough.
Where all needs are provided for without having to give into systems, structures, cages, restrictions, doing “me” rather than being.
I can’t give into it, this way of work. I’m not a funnel, robotic device that wants to commit my all to serving humanity at the expense of myself.
Service yes! With flow, passion, creativity, a guiding light, no plan yet a purpose provided in each now, each heartbeat, each breath.
My love.
Birthing creativity with imperfection, life force, passion, playfulness.
I yearn the freedom of fire, the dance of the air, the flow of water, the wildness of spirit, the stability of Earth, the sensitivity and strength of the trees and the wealth of metals.
Are my desires too much, too out there, too vast.
Universe where are you as I speak I hear you, why is it you don’t hear me.
Invisible, unseen in a world yet I am true to myself, why is this God.
It feels that way anyway.
Lately I’ve felt alone, all I desired fell through once again.
I’m left with not really much outside of myself, it would seem this way by sight.
All I do witness and have around me I deeply appreciate.
I know there’s no permanence.
I know that I truly am love.
I am myself.
I haven’t left myself in all this chaos.
I’m here.
Breathing, beating, still, moving.
If I have anything I have myself.
That can never be taken away.
I’m still here.
A sign.
A sign of life.

Art & Musings – Bec Hart.

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That dilemma you have.
How about bringing it together.
Rather than allowing it to tear you apart.
Speak to fear.
Be compassionate.
Allow it a voice.
Step in with fear as a sincere guide.
A friend.
An ally.
That dream you have.
Breathe life into it.
Allow self sabotage to rise.
Treat the enemy within with love.
An open heart.
A tender touch.
Open ears.
Feel some more.
Be free.
Surrender the war within.
Hold it high.
How can these waring worlds unite.
As one.
Yin and yang.
A circle.
A sphere.
A heart.
Beating, bursting.
Dripping with life force and passion.
We are not enemies.
We are opposites.
Let’s attract.
A force of fire.
Flowing freedom.

Art + musings – Bec Hart.