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Really struggling with this thing called life.
I feel there are so many expectations of,
Who we are.
Who we need to be.
What we need to do.
I feel I can’t breathe for being taught how to live.

How about just living and dropping the mask.
The judgements.
The myth of how life needs to be.
The paradox of “authenticity.”

How about you meet me face to face.
Eye to eye.
Foot to foot.
Yes we have a body.
Yes we too are the universe.

Who knows.
Everyone has a different perspective.

How about we ditch the jobs.
Wake up to the fact we pay to live.
To live on an earth that earth owns.
Work to pay.
Pay to work.
Pay to eat.
Eat to live.
Live to pay.
Round and round.
An un merry.
Let’s not go round.

I could meditate.
Be in the stillness.
Dissociate from the game.
Is that not just the same as drowning in it though.

Funny thing isn’t it.
Yet not.

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You stepped forth.
I hadn’t heard from you for a while.
My love didn’t die any in that time.
I knew deep down.
There was something unsaid, unheard.
Most definitely felt.

The circles, the patterns.
The pain, the peace.
I heard from you again.
No thing had changed for me.
You spoke.
I appreciated your deep honesty.
It must have been difficult.

I heard from you again.
You released me.
Thank you.
Beyond grateful.
Lost in space and time I was.

Fly free my love.
Never far away.
One thought away.
Always here.
Just in another form.
Fly free Dear one.
My love shall never cease to be.
I wish you well.
My love.
My lessons.

Bec Hart.

Art, ascension, change, Death, life, Messages, musings, rebirth, relationships, Revolution


In accepting all of you, the parts you once disowned or the habits you once judged. In drenching them with love and awareness. In looking at weaknesses as gateways to inner power, portals to greater self respect you see this deeper love for others too. You feel this depth, this inner knowing that everything like clockwork, cogs, wheels, cycles are assisting you in breaking those cycles and gaining deeper insight, deeper respect over your body in the dark and light, sleep and waking. Knowing that everything that presents itself is an opportunity for you to become all of you. In power, purity, sovereignty and light. Forgiving ourselves for that which we could not know, deepening our faith in the universe for things sent to break us, break all that we are not, for all that we are not we draw experiences in to show us non resonance. I reflect upon recent experiences and I state, thank you for the opportunity to grow, to evolve, to love deeper, to fully reclaim my body, purity, sexuality and delve deeper into self and faith. I release all of you now with gratitude, fly free butterfly, In learning we can choose to touch the stars for Mars doesn’t taste so sweet. Love eternal, sovereignty in knowing that I am all I am, only I can fulfil all of me, by being all of me. The one I sought was I, here all along in all of the depth and playfulness one could ever need. Alone yet not lonely and never truly alone either. Life a paradox and liberation can first take a twist, a revelation that could consume your power yet only if you choose, you always choose. Love or fear….always a choice.

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The watch that I left you with.
You need not guard it with your life.
In losing it you won’t lose me.
Nor will you lose your life.
If I hid a doll behind the clouds.
So you couldn’t see it there.
Would it mean that it had lost itself.
Would it scream it was never there.
Oh dear please don’t lose life for me.
I’m here within your heart.
Close your eyes.
Hold out your hand.
Feel the air.
I was never lost.
Merely, a different coloured scarf.

Art + poetry – Bec Hart.
Messages from spirit.

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I couldn’t say, “I loved you,”
This was not as I didn’t care.
I loved you with every heartbeat.
At times the beat was barely there.
I switched off my vital feelings.
So I could live – to carry on.
When I passed away.
There weren’t a day,
I haven’t seen you.
Since I’ve been gone.
I know it wasn’t sudden.
Yet you still blame yourself.
Heal your health.
Forgive yourself.
There’s nothing you could have done.
You may not see me here.
You can feel me if you choose.
I love you more than ever.
Some things you never lose.

Art + poetry – Bec Hart.

Messages from spirit.