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For the past 90mins or so I have been conscious and having a seizure, many seizures, more release yet to come as I can feel it.
I couldn’t stop it once it started.
I don’t know if I have ever seizured before but haven’t consciously.
I am perfectly incredibly more than fine.
So please don’t be concerned.
I’m actually quite amazed.
It’s incredible the gift that I’ve been given.
I’ve known something major was unfolding in my life leading up to this.
I’ve felt heavily held as if they are with me energetically and still am by the energy of living family members, ancestors, God, Christ within for the past few days.
There’s been huge unfoldment leading up to this.
A seizure from what I have experienced (I can only comment on my own experience) is the reinactment of traumatic events stored within the body.
It is a discharge and release of the trauma imprint and memory.
This was confirmed by the third eye visual I received whilst it was happening of someone I know who suffers with seizures.
I was very ready for this!
This part of me has been frozen in time as such.
My mind, body and soul aligned to this knowing I was ready for this!
I have just witnessed exactly what happened to me through body movement, body reactions and non reactions and the movements that were forced upon my limp body in 2012.
The body has just released the exact movements both where my body was moved by them and the uncontrolled natural body responses (like the heart beating or when we sneeze etc) and I most definitely was fully unconscious when it happened.
A seizure from what I experienced is a delayed trauma release, it’s not something forced it just happens naturally and is a delayed reaction like that of which an animal naturally flows to after freeze in a near death situation; shaking itself back into it’s reality and releasing the stress and hormones that are surging through the body.
The release from freeze state when it’s been many years later can brought on and triggered by a simulated experience or similar experience of the unfoldment of the initial trauma e.g movement, smells, tastes, touches, visual etc.
I asked God for divine intervention so much for this.
Hope this helps someone.
Please only take what resonates.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

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One hears of transcending the body or mind.
You are not this.
We are not this.
Yet you are not that.
Transcendance I found, isn’t a doing.
There’s no need to even speak of it.
It cannot be understood logically.
Nor taught.
In this I wonder why I am typing this out.
Yet I desire to bring you truth.
It is not an achievement, a goal, a focus.
Nor a non acceptance/denial of the body or mind.
Nor a dissociation.
In my experience – all that I can reflect upon.
It’s a total acceptance and embodiment of all we are, in our entirety.
No accolade received from this.
Then somehow all dissolves into one.
Not even that.
Here, present, aware.
It isn’t something that comes and goes.
It holds no separation.
It doesn’t hold.
I see, feel, be no seperation from my body to yours by way of energy.
This doesn’t make me wise.
The body just is.
It’s beyond explanation.

The closest way I can explain is and even in this I spoil it’s truth, simplicity – beyond words;

I am a blanket as is everything in existence.
You a thread as I, as is a tree yet I don’t see thread, feel thread just waves are present.
As frequencies rise and fall the blanket flows, curves, rising, falling, flowing the blanket is there yet it isn’t.
This wasn’t something sought.
This doesn’t make me special.
Absolutely no sepation not even oneness.
It just happened.
As does the mind.
Never wasn’t.
Just thought it was.
As an instrument.
God breathes through our temples.
Even God ceases to be identifiable.
No feeling of I or you, even we.
There this blanket that spans all that is.
Even the blanket is non exsistant.
Nor is there non existence.
Nor nothing.
Nor nothingness.
Nor nor.
This to me is transcendence.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

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Today I lay a hand up on a shore.
Up on the sacred heights of feet
Where men lay his lamp to light his heart.
From old ways one did weep.
Through sacred feet.
A new born eye.
Resides within thy chest.
The flames doth rise.
Thy pillars of fire.
A body.
Sacred vest.

Flames – Written of the word – Helen Rebecca Hart.

Christos – Sophia template activated – complete.

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