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When I do not lay bread upon the ledge of the outer.
God always provides.
A bird carries a worm to show me their prize.
A cat brings a mouse to the alter of outside.
A magpie sweeps up and carries the mouse.
Is it my need or theirs that I take seed out from my hand to their mouth.
Do I trust in God If I take to my own ways.
Or are these old stories.
“Performing” in seemingly kind ways.

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The sock.
Tic tock.
Yet it ain’t a clock.
Pinched to a wire.
Alone in the fire.
Tic tock, tic tock.
A sock with no flock.
Sock wiggled the world.
Was not looking for a buyer.
As the church bell rang thrice.
Sock came to see.
That the air one feels.
Such a pleasure, click of heels.
The Earth was his friend.
Breath and a wiggle.
Sock transcended higher.

Sock, photo and poem – Helen Rebecca Hart.

Art, ascension, change, Children, Connection, Inner child, Intuitive, life, lyrics, Messages, musings, Mystic, One, philosophy, Poetry, Source, Spirit, Trauma



Releasing deep freeze.
Releasing cryonics.
The highest good of God.
Deep subatomics.
God allows me to flow.
As heaven on Earth.
Bring one alive.
Christ’s rebirth.
Make me as new.
No robotic themes.
Allow one to lead.
Allow one to gleam.
Release me from times.
Trapped in the freeze.
Bring me to life.
Now I am.

Art and poetry – Helen Rebecca Hart.

Art, ascension, change, Children, Connection, fun, life, lyrics, Messages, MOVEMENT, musings, One, philosophy, Poetry, Revolution, Source, Spirit


Made up of nothing but everyone else’s ideals.
Tossed from one form to the next with no clear plan.
No blame, merely a deeper deconstruction.
An accessory to others dreams.
A disposable toy of enchantment until I’d served their call.
Light and life sucked out.
Yet we are all light.
I allowed this!
The pit of my stomach weeps with the acid of my self abandoned tears.
Lost, desolate, deep.
Dark, round, down.
Circles of disappointment and a yellow eye keenly watching my fall.
Black hole – RISEN.
Prompt on command.
Command on prompt.
I took the remote.
No more, one screamed.
As a shell filled with nothing but smiles.
As I give gratitude for the place that never felt like home.
The lessons, strength, connected bleed-through,
Merging parts I thought were oneness.
Not my parts not my role.
I realise true oneness, true connection is home.
Home in the temple of self.
The wholeness lay in the welcoming of what was hidden, judged as tarnished.
Covered in shame, playing out in the outer arena projected out from the inner eye.
Sense of self is who we are not what we do.
Another story – Who knows.
Connected in broken wholeness.
Born into life through a bleeding eye.
No merge.
White horse.
A crisp white cool breath.
Smoke no screen.
No plans to change the world.
No plans.
Accepting the world and all in it’s disconnected, connected, imperfect,
glorious, source powered perfection.
Am I lost or found.
A chalice.
As life.

Art + Musings – Bec Hart.

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How 24 hours can shift your reality.

Yesterday wasn’t an ordinary day as mentioned in my last blog, I felt like I had gone backwards, way back in time. Way back in time with a totally different perspective yet there were many realisations, many! It wasn’t a very nice place I went to admittedly.

The call for balance in my life was most definitely the most profound realisation, as I realise that I’ve somehow managed to become too focused on within and really would like to be outdoors more and socialising.

Fear was still playing it’s sad song in the background of my life preventing me from coming forward with my gifts, using the same old excuse of, “I don’t know how or nobody needs me, haven’t got a purpose.” Screams of coming last in everything as a child. Although last place/backwards is the best place to be as you get to see everything in full colour and surround sound.

I’d love to know if anyone else does this form of self sabotage to avoid shining in the spotlight (which may never even happen).

Today totally different mindset, I actually received a message off a friend who could truly see me. The power in someone acknowledging you is profound, you feel less alone with it somehow. What impact that has is something I could never ever explain. Just like how I somehow manage to travel around in time, maybe one day I will know more about this but it’s something I’ve done since I was really young. I remember certain events that happened say at 15 then I found out it occurred 10 years later but this was an event for me to remember as it was a guide for what I would be doing later in life.

This has happened to with artwork only for them to come true in my life at a later date or even uncovering past events and the connection between all.

My life feels unusual at times, I feel unusual at times. I’m not sure if it’s because I am or this is happening with lots of people and we don’t speak out because of fear.

I’m here speaking out, I’m not hiding anymore. I love all of me, even in the darkness and strangeness of reality – if there is such a thing.

Heart still a little tender today but I’m breathing and that is truly the basis of life.

I am alive.

ascension, change, Children, Community, Connection, God, life, Messages, MOVEMENT, Mystic, One, Revolution, Source


I was guided to go outside this morning and God had a message through the birds song.

One bird sang a solo in a field of a divine orchestra, the bird stood out for it’s unique ability to hold many different tones, frequencies and patterns. The bird spoke a message of the connection of all. I noted one of the tones even sounded like the call of a monkey yet this does not mean he/she is a monkey nor did they steal or impersonate this tone. There’s always a reason that things, people, places are different yet not. In the grand scheme of things the bird delivers a message but the whole orchestra delivers the call.

As I spoke to God this morning about my fears of what is transforming in my life and how it’s really not what I expected nor do I feel qualified, Christ gave me these words;

There are no “right’s” in righteousness! Man’s mark is not defined by what he defines as the truth but what I show as truth – Just be.

I wanted to share this message just in case you too are feeling fear of power, fear of judgement,  fear of change and an unconventional path.

The doubt that speaks is not you but that inner power that speaks through a different call, is.

Much love all. ❤

Art, ascension, change, Children, Community, Connection, Intuitive, life, musings, philosophy, Poetry, spirituality


Once again, stripped fully.
Bare bones.
Blood stained lies,
Lying upon the floor.
Where I once stood.
Broken, broken, broken.
All known, knowing,
Completely destroyed.
Conditioned illusions.
Delusion – Broken.
Born or lost.
Lost nor born.
Transition – DEEP.
Deep down.
Down into the inner.
An empty vastness.
No longer knowing.
Who we are.
Once more.
Are there ever no layers.
Layers as the sea.
A cool foam forming.
On a startling, bare, boned, breeze.
Will there ever be a time.
Where I, the air.
An inner – outer blanket.
Caressing all.
Yet flowingly vast and free.
Will there ever be life.
Living without restraint.

Art + poetry – Bec Hart.