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Never have I ever felt so humbled in all my life.
My ankle broke yesterday, always a greater reason, always.
Two incredible people sat with me for two hours yesterday, called for an ambulance and waited with me in the pouring rain and mud, so appreciative and grateful for their kindness.
An ambulance crew come into the woods to wheelchair me to the ambulance, so grateful for their determination.
I feel so blessed for the health I have now.
I feel so blessed at the mental strength I have attained, I never realised how strong it was till now.
I feel so blessed to have supportive family and an NHS that are really caring and kind.
I’m grateful that the hospital have respected my wishes to do everything thus far without any medication.
I absolutely love the human spirit of people and there total utter beauty and depth beaming from their pouring hearts and souls.
Truly blessed to be sharing this experience with so many others in their pain, joy and human experience.
Life so fragile, love so strong.
It’s really opening my mind, heart and compassion to that which I’ve not seen for a while.
So many signs.
Already I’m learning patience, how to accept help, releasing the need to do everything myself.
It’s stopped me in my tracks to break me into flexibility and deeper presence.
Closer to God, source, all.
When I asked for a breakthrough or to be broken beautiful it wasn’t really this I expected but somehow I’m finding the greatest beauty, compassion, tears, joy in a painful situation.
Grateful for life.
God’s got a plan.
Even in suffering you can somehow assist one another without trying too, connections and differences, truly hearing each other, holding space, prayer.
God’s given me something I never expected, in a place I never thought it would be brought to life.

Written by Helen Rebecca Hart.

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