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What I’ve found in life is that nearly everything changes, what never changes is that pure essence that cannot be described with words that is experienced from within and without simultaneously.

This expands and expands and expands into an eternity, an infinite space of no space in absolute truth.

The changeable aspects we all wear are life a change of clothing, some you grow out of some you like, some you dont like, some fit, some don’t.

Sometimes we may try to squeeze into things that don’t fit out of denial. Sometimes we wear things that are to big to hide.
We can wear costumes to act like we’re unknown to draw attention from what’s underneath but does this then draw attention to a persona that just cannot ever be maintained.

We all have problems, flaws beauty, difficulties, opportunities, surprises, experiences and a range of diverse emotions, feelings and beliefs.

Like a tree, we may have straight bits, smooth bits, lumpy bits, inverted bits, projected bits, plain bits, multicoloured bits, textured bits, hairy bits, you get the message they’re all part of the whole.

Sometimes we can embody wisdom and consciousness expansively. Sometimes we realise why a mountain bike is actually called a mountain bike.

We look to others at times like they have caused the stuff that’s bubbling up inside of us be it hate, love, lust, projections, numbness, seperation, unity, rejections, oneness.
We contain all that we “hold.”

We aren’t defined by that which we hold, that isn’t us and neither is the reasons we may feel this way.

Patterns, traumas, processes, hand me down ornaments from ancestors (no blame here), history and a lot of pain that’s affected the way we can see truth is the root that’s needed to delve into kindly, curiously, openly with love and a keen eye.

The patterns change form and changes form, frequency, fluidity and density along the spiral whether it be up to ascend or down to descend. The spiral looks more as an hourglass in the truth of how I’ve experienced it and downwards can mean inwards when consciously working with the somatics of the body.

We hold different beliefs, different views, different titles, etc etc etc.
We can judge this think we’re right, stay stuck.
We can accept that our differences are our journeys, our paths, unique flavours that may be used in a range of meals, delicacies, delights, concoctions, chaotic sensory flops.

Is judging perceived greatness any more or less than judging perceived failures.

Which eye do we use to truly see and which ears do we hear from, inner, outer, something inbetween.

I don’t have any answers.

I do have love though, I am love and in that not even love yet the unchangeable essence with no explanation that was the beginning and is now the end.

We all are.

We all ARE.

Art and Musings by Helen Rebecca Hart.

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