change, life, musings


As I look deep into your eyes.
I see.
I see the beauty that remains behind a sword ravaged chest.
Wounds hurled.
You forgive.
You always forgive.
Did you hear yourself though.
You may have cried, wept, poured.
Did you truly feel though.
Did you validate the way you felt.
The deep, darkness inside.
Did you hear it’s screams.
Could you have took the time.
Frozen, faun, fight, flight.
Decades of paralyzing fear.
Numbed as an ancestral corpse.
Buried alive.
Move on command.
Wait on command.
Robotically programmed.
Who had the remote.
No end in sight.
I’m here now.
All of you is heard, welcomed and loved.
You are safe now.
As I lay upon the seat of self and hold my very own hand.
One rests, pours, breaks.
You are safe now.
I’m not leaving.
Always here now.
Always hear.
All ways, I, here.

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