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I was guided to go outside this morning and God had a message through the birds song.

One bird sang a solo in a field of a divine orchestra, the bird stood out for it’s unique ability to hold many different tones, frequencies and patterns. The bird spoke a message of the connection of all. I noted one of the tones even sounded like the call of a monkey yet this does not mean he/she is a monkey nor did they steal or impersonate this tone. There’s always a reason that things, people, places are different yet not. In the grand scheme of things the bird delivers a message but the whole orchestra delivers the call.

As I spoke to God this morning about my fears of what is transforming in my life and how it’s really not what I expected nor do I feel qualified, Christ gave me these words;

There are no “right’s” in righteousness! Man’s mark is not defined by what he defines as the truth but what I show as truth – Just be.

I wanted to share this message just in case you too are feeling fear of power, fear of judgement,  fear of change and an unconventional path.

The doubt that speaks is not you but that inner power that speaks through a different call, is.

Much love all. ❤

3 thoughts on “BIRDS – MESSENGERS – CALL.”

  1. I have never considered a mockingbird as a copyist but rather more like a collector of sound. If you listen through its whole song, and if your mockingbird stays put, you will hear its collection change over time.
    While some of its sounds seem hard to believe were heard by it, if you single out its individual sounds, you can see the thrush, the chicadee, a bit of the robin, and a clip from yet another local bird in its carefully ordered collection. It’s as though it is curating the sounds that it collects, and surely it is doing this to do as all of the birds do which is to announce its territory, to call to a mate, and even to warn others of some intruder. However when it comes to warnings the mockingbird has its own universal sound that each one makes. They are fascinating birds, just so long they don’t perch atop a limb outside your window at dawn for its forty minute solo at a time when you would prefer another hour or two of sleep.

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    1. Oh wow, thank you so much for this comment. I hadn’t realised it was a mockingbird and I totally agree, a collector of sound and quite possible a distributor of ordinance. This comment is really helpful, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Nice to meet you.


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