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Over the next 3-5 days there will be a continuation of the energies arising of deep healing. Consider it as a deep outer exfoliation and a deep inner power surge and grounding.
You may find you are feeling aches, pains, aversion to certain foods all is your body speaking to you to let you know what it NEEDS from you.  Allow your body to guide the way with food, drinks and exercise choices rather than the mind,  have fun with this, allow it to be a pleasurable experience.
Aches and pains are speaking of old injuries, repressed emotions and/or traumas, you could choose to sit with these, feel them, speak to them in kindness. Give yourself the things you needed to hear at the time so if you felt alone – “I am here, I am with you,  I won’t leave you, breathe into this, hold the area.” Add colour, fragrance, movement, energy healing etc to assist.
Outwardly you may find that there are challenges,  these challenges are brought forward at this time to assist you in being fully in your power, saying YES to only things you truly want in your life. If it’s a maybe is that the energy you would like to receive back?

Feeling is key – allow yourself to feel the darkness then allow yourself to alchemise this with the opposing feelings (what you DO want). This is a high manifestation period where you can create huge change through ALCHEMICAL magic.

Presence is key – Are you doing things out of joy, excitement,  passion or a need to be wanted, accepted, avoiding confrontation. If you feel tired, alone, not wanting to do anything; you could choose to ask, what am I scared of, why am I remaining stuck when there is so much I desire, what do I feel this comfort and safety is bringing me, what am I waiting for? If you find yourself running, physically or being “busy” constantly. You could choose to ask, what am I avoiding,  why do I fear this, Is this really what I desire.

If you find yourself running sit still for answers: If you find yourself sitting still run or exercise and allow the answers to flow.

Mix it up – you are the power, the change, the authority.

You are the creator of your life and all is energy. What energy are you calling back to you in this now? New reality or old reality. Evolve or revolve.

Art and predictions by Bec Hart.

Sound fusion created to assist. 💙❤💛

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