Art, ascension, Connection, Intuitive, life, musings, philosophy, Poetry, relationships


Lost at sea.

Plane lands in trees.

A foreign home.

One can’t fit in.

Others don’t seem to see.

They say, “Recreate yourself.”

One chose within.

One cannot be true.

Adding another mask.

Playing games in life.

One shall always come last.

It wasn’t really a choice.

To deny one’s truth would be a sin.

A seperation from soul.

A death within.

One tried to conform.

One gained poor health.

True direction.

Compass centre.

Inner wealth.

They tried to label.

Who we are.

A sphere as a box.

Cannot pair.

One cannot label eternities Sun.

We are the stars, the Earth.

Where life began.

Why play a role and lose ourselves.

To experience a false sense of self.

We are the stars, the Earth, the breeze.

There is no name.

For how infinity feels.

Bec Hart.

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