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I have held on for far too long.
Far too many times.
I used to see it as a really negative trait.
Others saw it as love and forgiveness.
In the past it’s torn me.
Ripped me apart.
Leaving nothing but an empty shell.
A trail of unhealthy relationships.
Self harm.
Enough body armour for a war.
No love for oneself.
A huge desire for validation.
Unhealthy attachments.
Wondering what was wrong with me.
Why could I not be loved.
I was forced to change.
The only resolve, to take ownership of all.

Years pass, deep work.
Many lessons.
I can still hold on for too long.
Mainly now by faith not attachment.
I am aware now.
I call it to assist.
It’s stripped me of all I’m not.
It has been quite painful at times.
Deepened my connection to self and source. Powered me into my worth.
I’ve been taught endurance.
Self respect.
Self love.
I realise it can be a great quality.
I work with life.
Yet I’m in no way perfect.

I’m not one to run away when things get tough.
What I’ve discovered is.
There is vast strength in remaining neutral.
Breathing into discomfort.
Acknowledgment of that which arises within.
We can never truly run away anyway.
When we run we’re only ever running from ourselves.
When we chase we’re only ever looking for ourselves.
Truly haunting.
Liberation reveals itself when we stop chasing the invisible man.
Freedom appears when we’re present with all of us, with no preference of state.

Bec Hart.

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