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Can you allow yourself to crumble when your world’s torn apart.
Can you allow the anger to explode without tearing yourself apart.
Can you breath into that fear and not judge those tremorous shakes.
Can you feel all the pain – alive, raw, awake.
Will you judge yourself this time for not being enough.
He, she, me, you, we, we’re,
Life can feel so rough.
Will you hold it all in, saying that this means “he’s tough.”
Or break what’s not ours into dust.
A tower of darkness crushed.
Can you crack open your core vulnerability.
Pour your truth out on the floor.
Trembling with shame.
Screaming, “no more.”
Exploring all the dysfunction.
Bringing peace to your inner war.
Laying in the water of our tears.
The seas rise once more.
Can you walk away when you need to.
To honour your inner call.
Sometimes we need the quietness.
To allow the rage to roar.
Can you hold yourself awake.
Can you hold yourself asleep.
Can you rest in knowing that this chaos.
Is the light to their inner peace?

Bec Hart.

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