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When seeking destiny,
Destiny fled afar.
When seeking the path.
The path became a hole.
By doing we lose being.
By being we lose the why’s.
Are somatic memories and beliefs
creating this now reality by disguise.
Are we ready to drop these old lies.
As we lose this who is self.
Give up our old dirt.
Birthing our purest self.
Merging with and as air.
Unlimited potential.
Pure dreams unconsciously manifest.
A weaving of our passion fuelled potential.
Leaving all our old deceptive wounds.
We need not preach old stories forever.
When those truths become our way.
Had it reigned label over us forever.
When teaching is it preaching.
Recreating our old dirt.
Is one truly happy.
In this now.
Or lying in despair.
Gripping onto old hurt.
Illusion, that it’s care.
When it’s truly a sneaky way to heal our former self that we could not bare.
Manipulating form to the one who stands.
In front of us lay bare.
Accept their mirror.
As they themselves.
Are perfect as they stand there.
Can we allow ourself to feel.
Birth the truest you.
We aren’t our past.
Nor in the future.
We are of presence, truth.


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