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When the path has no steps,
Many twists and returns.
Delving in deeper,
Getting lost in the air.
When life has no limits.
Integration commands, “stay there.”
Knotted and unruly.
Unbearable hair.

We cannot see clearly.
Feeling so lost.
Body broken, vulnerable.
Shaken, layed bare.
Vision blinded, a cloudy lense.
Light engulfed in the fire.
Dreams burnt and plans lost.
Life’s chuting you lower.
God, please shoot us higher.

Breathe deep into birth.
Scream into those pains.
Feeling sensations.
Surrendering the game.
New labyrinth to walk.
Rewiring our brains.

This path of no path.
Not for a faint heart.
Death, the end.
Death, the beginning.
The end!
Or the start?
All that remains.
A wild, racing heart.

Bec Hart.

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