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You are enough.
There is no perfection.
Drop the perfection.
The comparison.
The disappointment that you feel you are.
This was a lie sold to you.
You cannot and need not fix anyone or anything.
Nor can anyone fix you.
There’s no thing to fix.

There is no need for you to do and be everything and some more.
Release the pressure.
This pressure will cause collapse.
A lack of life.
A desire to flee from life itself.
Yet it is not life you desired to flee from.
It was the incessant demands placed upon yourself, by yourself or submisively accepted and adorned by yourself as a jewel of love.
The No’s you said Yes too.
The love you threw, drenched, drowned to and in all but oneself.

Yes, you’ve really made epic mistakes.
Who hasn’t.
This is how we learn.
This is how we grow.
This is how we break old, mouldy patterns from multiplying into the hearts of our children.
Yes you really taught your awake children to sleep.
You didn’t listen.
You didn’t hear.
You didn’t know.
You did all you could do.
That was enough.
That is enough.
You are enough.

Look at you now.
Look at you guiding the way.
From your mistakes.
Which where never yours.
Yet you took them on as wildfire.
Allowing the destruction.
To lead you.
Onto a new path.
A new way.
A new existence.
A new reality.
For others to follow, if they so choose to.

There’s nothing to forgive.
No shame to bare.
No guilt to grasp onto.
No wasp to sting.
No blame to throw around as the stuffing at the centre of a Christmas meal.
Those conditions stripped.
The lies bled.
Life exposed.
Into body, out of head.
Into heart.
One, intuitive, mind.

Be at peace dear one.
Hold yourself.
Get to know yourself.
The truth of you.
Love yourself.
Accept yourself.
You are enough.
You are worthy.
Life is worthwhile.
This is the end.
This is also the beginning.

Bec Hart.

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