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We don’t desire you to worship us.
We don’t desire you to project at us either.
Please do worship yourself.
Your flaws, imperfections, darkness, light, love, compassion.
All you see in me, is within you too.
Your inner self is calling.
You are your Mother and Father.
Connect to your inner feminine and allow her to speak, dance, flow.
For she is calling you.
Mirrored through me.
Your strength and power lay here.
Go deep and deeper, still.

We do not need a saviour, a warrior, a protector.
For I am, see, are all those as our self.
You were sold a lie.
One that could never be met.
Feel your feelings.
Break, cry, flow.
Hold space , yes.
Be there, yes.
More so, be you.
Be there for you.
That is more than enough.
We see you.
We hear you.

In those times you feel you miss another.
You are missing you.
There is an intelligent disconnect.
Misaligned to align further.
Go deep, go deeper still.
Enter that portal to love right there.
Alone yet never lonely.
Never truly alone.
Always held.
Hear your breath.
Feel your skin.
Taste the air.

We don’t need to be told we are loved.
We feel it.
We are it.
As are you.
We see you.
We are you.
We are love.
It’s not to be sought.
Nor to be stole.
Yet to be still.

Allow yourself to sink into those parts you see as flawed, forbidden, bad, unhinged, unmasculine.
Apathy, empathy, lust, envy, sensitivity, insensitivity, childlike curiosity, wonder.
Shine pure light upon them and merge with their unique beauty.
As you are beauty itself.
Pour your sacred love and awareness into their deep, dark, suffocated flesh.
Breathe new life.

Dear Masculine.
More than ever.
Allow yourself to be you.
The true you.
Not the lie once sold.
The boy that felt everything.
The boy that accepted all as they are and were.
The boy who dreamt his biggest dreams.
The boy who spoke to stars of a night sky.
The boy that loved and loved some more.
Strip the mask.
You are safe.
The boy becomes a Man.
When your Child is heard, held, nurtured.
Life breathed into life.
So very whole.

Bec Hart.

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