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You break, we break and then some more.
Until all we thought we knew, are and were dissolves into nothingness.
Into this pit of grief, loss, voided territory.
The black hole.

Do we choose to a-void.
Or choose to jump right in.
Into the unknown.
Where no thing is clear.
Yet every thing is possible.
Deconstructing all we ever knew.
One day life may make sense.
Today may not be that day.
That is perfectly okay.

Allow the mind to rest or not.
Allow your feelings to wander, to flutter, to fold.
Be guided by the breath.
Of the breathing life that we all are.

Deep – Invigorating – Yellow.

Shallow – Fearful – Aqua/Pink.

Go deep in the shallow.
Go deeper – still.
In this deathly void.
Lies wonder.
I wander.
You wander.
We wander.
Into the unknown.

A sphere of life.
Not who you are.
Yet all that was.
Without breath.

Take breath.
Breathe life.
For that is who you are.

Bec Hart.

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