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That deep down core validation.
Deeply deprived.
Not just a dent in the pride.

A soft subtle child.
Yearning for love.
Needing your care.
Feeling they weren’t enough.

The older they grew.
The more invisible they became.
Chewed up, spat out.
Riddled in shame.

Blame a pre cursor.
Before the event.
I need you.
I need you.
A dark dissent.

How could we see you.
We couldn’t see ourselves.
All our dreams on a dust ridden shelf.
We loved you all we could.
In our pain and strife.

We’re so sorry dear one.
There’s no need to fight.

You were always enough.
We didn’t know what to do.
Just one thing we want you to know.
It was never about you.

Bec Hart.

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