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Inner child please come home.
I can’t take anymore teachings.
I’ve become drab in reaching.
Old haunting voices of,
“I told you so.”

I just wanna be me.
Let’s play on the park.
Get lost in the dark.
Build an inner fortress.
A breathing ark.
Let’s giggle and play.
Life’s become dull.
I could turn soured cream.
Even that would run.

I became the “adult”
I lost my dreams.
Mum in drop dead Fred.
“Cobwebs!” binding me.
My passion has fled.
I’ve become overrun.
With mirrors of cardboard.
Cut out, run.

Pure surging life.
Run through me please.
My mental “teachings”
Have tied up ease.
My inner child.
Let’s play pure flow.
Let’s get to know life.
Let’s connect.
Let’s glow.

Bec Hart.

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