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At times we feel we need divinity to step in and hold us close.
Those times where life isn’t making sense.
Where we feel lost, helpless, uncertain and filled with doubt.
Fear may arise with a subtle call to look outside for a fix, a hand, a reward, a distraction.
Dear one, it may not be what you imagined but we are always where we need to be.
The reward we seek, is ourself.
All of ourself, deep, shallow, needy, needless, messy and perfect in our imperfect glory.
Placed divinely in the heart of our emptiness in full essence.
Placed divinely in the heart of chaos and loss.
To be stripped bare, to be gifted life.
To need is ok, allow for that.
To desire to be met on all levels is a worthy need indeed.
Can you meet you in all moments.
Can you be ok with not meeting you in all moments.
Will you allow for the imperfection.
Can you meet you by allowing life to flow when all is not as you planned.
Waiting until the “perfect” moment.
We’d be waiting forever my Dear.
Can you meet me by accepting me as I am in this now.
Can you meet me by seeing me rather than yourself.
Is this possible.
Can you allow for passion and time.
Time and passion.
Can you meet you as life falls and rises, as the breath.
As death arises.
Through to birth.
Call God closer to you.
Ask to be held.
Look toward your very own hands.
Wrap them around your arms.
As God holds you.
I hold you too.
God is life.
Life is God.
When we meet ourselves.
We all hold each other.

Bec Hart.

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