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When focusing in on what you have got, haven’t got.
Where you are or you aren’t.
What you can do what you can’t do.
What you can have what you can’t have.
You, we, I are suggesting that we are those things.
An identity as such.
This causes separation.
A feeling of loss, loneliness and something missing.
Whether you have, haven’t.
Are or are not.
Realising that with or with out these “things” we are the same person regardless of what we do or are.
Realising in each present moment we just are.
Accepting what we choose or don’t choose doesn’t define us, it’s an experience which we are a part of yet not of.
Intertwined yet no merging bleed through.
We can be present fully with our experiences without judgement or loss of self.
I may drink alcohol today, I may not.
I may exercise today, I may not.
I may cry today, I may not.
I may be in a relationship, I may not.
Neither defines me.
I am my self regardless of all.
There is a mid point.
A point of acceptance.
Its where all dissolves yet all is present.
There is no definition.
It just is.
We just are.

Bec Hart.

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