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As I sit here and more realisations come through, I ponder whether I should write this or if I’m manipulating people’s thoughts rather than allowing them their experience.

Is there a need to share what has been shown to me recently, the deep feelings that arise, the confusion. The perceptions which could also be changed by a new view, light, shadow, experience.

I see so many people “helping” but are we actually helping any.

Born into this world we’re quickly soothed each time we cry or people try to pick up the pieces when things are falling apart.

We even do this for ourselves, chocolate, people, shopping or a forced “trying” got to keep it together attitude. Breaking ourselves until we are born or dead, dead or born.

What if this is trauma constantly running in the background calling itself a career, an opinion, an expression, kindness and even the one that really doesn’t sit well with me – love.

As humans we constantly seek to fix rather than allow, let’s fix the world she’s burning up.

What if the world, (which I believe all is) is guiding us.

What if the world is showing us the cycles of life and we in our “kindness” are trying to fix something that isn’t broken and never has been.

If you look hard enough there will always be a problem but if you look within there will always be a lesson, teaching, realisation and evolution.

I’ve been observing my work as a healer. Observing medicine, doctors etc. If we allowed the natural cycles of life would there be a need for such a thing, if we didn’t need to fix, to attach, to know more, to be more, to have more, to hold on.

If we tuned into our own bodies rather than pondering to the needs of everything outside of ourselves. Would we regenerate and heal ourselves. Would we realise we were not thinking our own thoughts, holding our own patterns, beliefs, energies, living our own lives.

Could by being so in tune with ourselves, could we be so in tune with others?

I know I’ve found this to be true, as I healed my own body from “supposed” chronic illness and mental illness.

Both which I found to be wellness, the body’s way of communicating back to us about what’s happening within and without in our lives. A guide, a saviour, a highly tuned vessel that has so much knowledge yet we choose to fix, ignore it rather than listen causing more and more separation and pain. Yes the source of pain, as I feel it.

Our bodies want to be heard, held, loved rather than hushed, numbed and hurried.

They aren’t seeking a solution for they are the solution.

I don’t feel anyone needs a solution, they just need themselves.

As our outer world reflects our inner, why are we trying to control it, why not listen to the flows, the cycles, the patterns and sounds.

The ancient knowledge that’s guiding us home into the stillness of our hearts.

The inner blanket of eternity.

Yet still we try to fix, to assist, to take someone’s journey from them rather than listening to the call of our own inner cry.

An opinion – is it merely us trying to fix, soothe another’s life without exploring our lessons.

Control is so sneaky yet so rigid in form.

There’s form in the formless and flow in the seasons of life.

I am taking this time to flow now, to be guided by life.

Crumbling the tower of life and self or at least who I thought it was and I was .

I know not what will return.

I don’t need to.

Like the fires of Mother Earths belly roar, I shall rise as the flames, formless into form.

As shall we all.

Bec Hart.

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