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The one that’s not going to the gym nor has a desire to have muscles is no better nor less than the one who chooses to go to the gym and fine tune their physique.
The one who has money versus someone who doesn’t. They are no different they both face life’s challenges, maybe in different ways, maybe not.
To the one who gives their time freely and another who asks for payment equally just as giving, equally just as consciously alive.
We don’t know the challenges people face but yet we can be quick to judge what we define as right and wrong – there is no right or wrong, all perceptions.
The one who has life planned out to the tee is no better nor less than the one who takes life moment by moment nor another one who chooses to take a break.
We all have huge hearts but some are closed none better nor less than another.
We all have different needs, journeys, lessons and desires.
There is no right way, no wrong way and sometimes there is actually no way.
We can view life as an experience to touch our soul, to get closer to ourselves, the core of the earth, the sun in the sky.
We can focus on our path and make it fucking beautiful inside out, so others may like to join us for a warm summer stroll or a chilly winter walk.
There is no judgement here, for I don’t care to judge myself any longer, I got really tired of it, really pained by the torture I was causing myself.
I’m not anything, I’m just me.
Just as you are you, wherever you are at I accept you that way, I’m no better nor less.
The closer we get to our core self we see all as themselves with no desire to judge, compare nor wonder why they are doing certain things because we were once those people we see.
Just as we are a possible future version of them, they may see this, they may not either way there is no good, bad, right or wrong.
We are all playing this game called life; many versions, many levels, many stages.
So many missions to complete to get to the next stage yet I’m tired of missions and targets, I just want to dance, sing, play.
There are viruses to clear sometimes, those viruses I’ve found come from within.
A distortion of the mind on how we view ourselves, life in general or another.
I honour your level, your life, your game, your mission just as I honour mine.
There is no comparison, no higher or lower, we’re all just trying to find our way.
Through a maze.
Back into our beating, breathing heart.

Bec Hart.

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