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It is with deep gratitude that I thank my fellow Sister, Deya Dova for allowing me to use this track “Return of the Bird Tribes” along with Hamilton Barnett @ Reflekta Records.

Thank you to Fallen Angels dance theatre for helping me with my fear of being on stage and being seen.

Much gratitude to Amy at WigLe dance in Leigh, Lancashire who allowed me to use her space to record, dance and wiggle.

This video intuitively put together as a woman on a mission – S7 rested on a bottle of water, music going through a speaker attached via my phones Bluetooth, a coloured lamp held by my top at one point, all intuitive, no rehearsals or special effects, pure naked self and no perfection whatsoever involved.

Enjoy ❤❤❤❤❤❤

It is today I have realised my purpose and today I AM not only starting



I can’t do this alone and I really wouldn’t want too.

To everyone who resonates with this message, with intuition as your guide, as life and maybe it not always been this way for you, it sure wasn’t for me.

I CALL to you.

To everyone in the whole wide world.

To anyone who’s been singled out for being different, who’s been looped around systems, whos been traumatized, humiliated, repressed!

For anyone who’s felt like they don’t fit in and have felt so alone, I call to you, I am you.

These circumstances have made us so strong and allowed us to go deeper into self.

Can we be our authentic selves and inspire others to be their authentic selves too?

Let’s be seen and heard by ourselves, let’s intuitively be ourselves in our messy wholeness and start a revolution.

Today’s the day of miracles, the universe is with us, source is guiding me/us/we. Let’s create change by being ourselves, shining our lights on truth and allowing others to do the same.

Doing something different, intuitively.
Choose to be a part of our movement to inspire liberation and self trust.

It is so easy to be the movement, just start your creations on any platform with;


Shared with love and many blessings ❤

Video link as above.

This is my Facebook link for anyone wanting to see my/our posts.

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