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I don’t have an big ambitions, I really don’t.
I sometimes wonder what does this mean.
I see people and truly smile at their wins, ambitions and dreams coming true.
It’s incredible, I love observing a part of their journey from the outside and watching them thrive, it’s truly beautiful.
Is there something lacking that I’m just not interested in playing it big, that I don’t have goals, a plan, a need to seek more.
I just want to have the freedom to do as I desire on a daily basis, to be free.
To live, to love, to play.
To be able to absorb the beauty of all that is and create without a plan, need or goal.
To just sit in the silence or noise and just be.
I feel full inside and I never thought this could be and this is more than enough.
I feel success is who we are, should I need or desire to be more, to have more.
I can’t help but feel maybe I should push myself but I find myself retreating each time I need to commit to something “big.”
I know that I could focus on one thing and create something everlasting.
Maybe one day I will want this but today I don’t.
I see people who have big success outwardly, fame, they’re known and energetically chained.
That’s how I see it, I wouldn’t want this, I imagine it wouldn’t be very liberating and the responsibility must be so vast.
I love simplicity, depth, playfulness, flow.
Today I took the whole day to connect with myself on a deep level, on all levels.
I needed it, really needed it.
I went backwards to move forwards.
To go deeper into my being and into source.
This feels like success.
To me success is the core of who we are.
To be happy in ourselves.
With all or nothing at all.
Through smiles or sadness.
This is enough for me.
Or am I just hiding.
Will I truly ever know.

Bec Hart.

2 thoughts on “SUCCESS.”

  1. Yes in our hearts. I feel happiness for me is accepting all regardless of what’s occurring on the outside. Whether I feel or what’s occurring is incredibly joyous or deeply saddening, still being able to look at myself whether I’m feeling content, fearful, dismal, cheerful or disheartened and deeply, honestly, lovingly, radically accepting all of myself and all of life.
    What about you?


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