ascension, life, musings, Poetry, rebirth, relationships, spirituality



Break me beautiful,
Glimmers of the sea.
The morning frost as dawn breaks.
Excavate the darkness I can’t see.
The jewels of a cave.
A rare sight for us to speak.
The beauty of fall, copper leaves.
Flowing, Autumn breeze.

Break me beautiful,
In to a million stars.
As dust from Grandmas ashes.
Breathing life, red planet Mars.
A portal to the eye of truth.
An opening of our heart.
The crackling of the icy cage.
Escapes a pounding heart.

Break us beautiful.
For beauty shall be all we see.
From the souls darkest night.
To the birth of a raging sea.
To be all as beauty.
In darkness and in light.
Accepting there are no weaknesses.
All strength, let’s take flight.
Break us all beautiful.
It’s clear for us to see.
Whatever colour, day or scent.
As we look with eyes of truth.
God is all we see.

Bec Hart.

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