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Am I bringing myself back to in each present moment, when creating and living.

If you place your past experiences all of them in your past for just a moment, no labels, any niggling thoughts of needing to fix, heal yourself, the world, another.

If there were no feelings of inadequacy, needing to be seen, loved, understood, validated.
If there was no need to provide, be more, do more, have more.

Stripping the brutal lies of who you were told you are. Your (THE) labels, illnesses, your mission, the lies and conditioning you thought were or are you, your natural essence.

Allowing the tower to fall into an expanse of nothingness.

If you for one moment sit, sit still in this moment, breathing, listening to life, feeling life, fuelling life and flowing as life.

In this moment feeling your incomparable wholeness, eternal wealth, source dripping nectar fuel beingness oozing into your external reality from within.

What’s that SPACE of creation, what’s that passion fuelled nourishing wholeness looking and feeling like – fresh days, fresh waves, fresh ways.

Creation from passion.

A new way/wave of BEing.

Bec Hart.

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