ascension, life, musings



Embracing raw essence, knowing it’s not weird, strange or separating.
A unique expression free from the clouded conditioning and beliefs of the nightmare we’d been told, sold and try so desperately to cling onto, into.
The true root of separation.
Trying to be, do and have the perfection that ceases to exist.
Chasing the invisible man hoping to be, do and have more.
Stripping the layers of the lies once sold, told.
Allowing the seperation to fall dissolving into a cauldron of creation, alchemy, magic, flow and fluidity.
Realising that you aren’t that different.
You’re true, raw, you.
The beauty in realising that we are all.
There’s nothing to seek, find or heal.
There’s everything to express, love and feel.
So lively, so colourful and such fullness, flavour, dimensional essence in all.
In this beautiful space.
A wholesome fragrance, bitter, sweet, sickly, scary or safe.
Seeing all as an unlimited experience.
Here now, always here.
Knowing we couldn’t have had one without the other.
The middle point.
Bec Hart.

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