ascension, life, Poetry, relationships, spirituality



Fire in our being.
Fire in our chest.
Rage it foams deep inside.
Bursting through from deep repressed.
A spark igniting chaos.
A disorderly way of life.
We’re not the one you imagined.
This isn’t the one you saw in your life.
Lay down your made up constructs.
Your mentalised projected truths.
For the way you see another.
Is what you see in you.
For one to truly see another.
You have to venture deep within.
Or the being in your mirror.
Will speak louder and louder.
Till the hidden speaks through sin.
Till the rage burns all around you.
You’ve lost your made up life.
Denial, lies.
Purity thrives.
All around dies.
Look within.

Bec Hart.

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