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I have no aspirations to become something.
To be well known and liked.
As a success in the eyes of the outer world.
I have no goals.
I have no prison.
I have no expectation.

There’s no desire to push myself, to become.
Launch myself into abundance.
Reach the highest highs.
Escape the lowest lows.
Nor seek a relationship for connection or needs sake.
I’ve no desire to agree with you to fit in a box designed to keep me small.
So I’m desired, validated, received comfortably.
I’ve no desire to judge myself or another, to compare what’s incomparable.
I have no need to respond when there are no words needed.
There’s no need to seek myself in something external nor a desire present.

For I realise, we are all.

Feel into this for just one breath of earth giving life.

There is no thing to seek, to search, to be, to gain, to possess, to have.

Yearn to wake each morning and connect deep within.
To explore deeper into our own being and the being of the world.
To explore each breath, feeling, sensation and delve into them with curiosity.

Allow yourself to be seen and heard.
To listen to the whispers of your deep, passion driven desires.
Listen to another’s depth through the eye of your mind and the bursting cerise of your heart.
Create from deep within, delve deeper still.
Creation at your core, life in your living.

Connect with those who feel like home, like stars, like sea.
Hold space for those lost at sea.
Lovingly witness those who feel like honey.
Observe yet be present enough so there is no stickiness attached to your skin.
Yet no bitterness from our tongues.
For they are you, we’re you and are love, just as you.

Fill yourself up from the well of wonder within.
Lonely, go deeper.
Seeking, be still.
Rest into all that you are.
The wealth of the world.
The expansion of the sky.
The consciousness of the Gods.
Allow yourself to fly.
All externally will magnetise in divine time.
Allow yourself to be whole, to be home.
As one body, mind, heart and soul wrapped in stars.
For no one can take that away.
There’s life in the living.
Being in who we are.

Bec Hart.

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