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AD – Anno domini – When Jesus was born or shortened version of advertisement.

DICTION – The chosen words and phrases spoken or written = spells.

144,000 – Significance in various religious movements and ancient prophetic belief systems.

The 144,000 that are here to change the game as such.

Interestingly 144 – spells ADD

000 – To me signifies power.

Out of the 144,000 that I am aware of all have suffered from or been grasped by addiction.

Addiction to me personally is a form of powerlessness, giving away power to an attachment of something outside of self in the hope that it can “fix” or “alter” life as it is.

Again 144,000 – ADD POWER – POWER FULL.

Full – whole – No need to hand over power “fix” or “alter” self or life.

The solution I believe lies in creation and creativity which can be found within the silence, source and connection. Thus the removal of ADDiction, spells, generational curses, advertisements and implants of “Added” diction through external programming and forces or power and control.

AddiCtion – C (control) = Addition.

Addition = The process of adding to something.

Addition + C = Addiction = adding control.

Therefore making an addition through creativity and source increases inner and outer connection = ADD POWER = living/life.

Just something I’ve been feeling into, I have found it quite interesting.

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