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Today’s realisation is that sometimes when we feel lost it’s actually because we’ve broken through into the unknown, a place we’ve never been before.

A deep vulnerability in this place of nothingness, a deep grief and purging of the old self or at least what we thought was self.
Old coping mechanisms, distraction techniques and false beliefs won’t be entertained in this place as integrity sweeps in and you just know that life is not and will never be the same anymore.

Our soul and source shall not accept anything less that full accountability, integrity, respect, kindness, authenticity and love.

Sitting with what is in it’s raw, shaking, firey energy with an undertone of deep uncertainty.

Choosing to breathe deeper into self and source to anchor self, to allow a greater depth and to be fully here without running, escaping or abandoning self to run back into the familiar.

Also this deep knowing there’s no option remaining to do that anymore, something has really shifted yet it’s not very clear yet; the windscreen of the vehicle is held deep in the fog of the fire.

Unfamiliar territory!

It wasn’t stagnation which was originally thought yet an opportunity of familiarisation within a new territory, life, living, realms of self; a new home as such.

A new home, in a land not yet ventured but for the moment a little to shaky to explore.

Bec Hart.

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