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I don’t need to be told who I am.
I already know who I am.
For it’s taken me a long time of pretending to be everything that I am not, to get here.
Walls torn down.
Tower cracked to pieces.
Body bled out.
Self induced poison neutralised.
Forgiveness the element of peace.

Foundations built on solid ground.
Body layed bare.
Exposed, open, honest, passionate.
A mirror of truth.
Do you like what you see.
Do you project and glare.
Do you undress me with your eyes.
Down boy, I’m here and you’re not there.

I need not to be told my strengths and weaknesses.
For I know myself deeper than the ocean.
I know my capabilities.
My imperfections.
I accept all of me.
Of this I’m sure you see.

Love vibrates at my deepest core.
I need not explain myself anymore.
Nor make apologies for speaking out.
In a world that promotes ladies being seen and not heard.
I am here to say, I am here to be heard and seen.
I say this loud and clear.
I make no apologies.
Sometimes silence speaks the loudest words.

I’m built of self respect.
I am filled and flowing with all colours.
I am here to be love.
To understand.
To peacemake.
To be true.
Yet to speak out all at the same time.
That’s what warriors do.

I’m here as I am.
Take me or leave me.
This is your personal choice.
I am a warrior.
You may as well give up the fight.
Embrace your truth and self.
Lay down the war within without.
Declare you are a warrior too.

Bec Hart.

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