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At times I love avoiding things and telling myself they will just go away with no response/avoidance.

Today I chose to reply, I took the driving seat and spoke my truth.

Truth is a funny thing as your truth may not be another’s truth.

As ultimately there is no truth as such.

You see if we all read a book and explained the book after we’d read it we would all have a have a different perception.

There is no right or wrong merely different perspectives, perceptions.

So in that what is truth, is there truth or is it merely a personal perception.

This is why I don’t follow to path of a teacher, guru, way of being as such as their teachings are through their lens.

I have my own lens, I need not look through another to see.

I wonder if God had/has a coach, a guru, a path that’s already visible and embedded in others perceptions or if he/she is an all seeing all knowing freely flowing consciousness of vastness waiting to be inhaled.

I choose the path I can’t see, it’s not an easy path. Sometimes I fall down holes, swim in turbulent seas, skip through fields of gold yet I know I am held, guided and filled with pure unfiltered knowledge directly from source flavoured with my own unique perspective.

Today I carved a different path, I chose a different response, I created a new neuropathway, an upgrade in my DNA, a different route for my ancestors.

One where we can all be free.

Bec Hart.

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