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I understand myself ❤ It’s so awesome feeling into this.

Yet it’s something I already knew just hadn’t grounded.

I so totally understand myself, I have for a long time yet somehow, somewhere I felt it was important for others to understand me.

I handed my power away through a need to be understood.

Knowing that’s all I’ve ever needed yet have search externally for validation most of my life.

I know who I am and I know and acknowledge myself wholeheartedly.

No need to justify myself, answer anyone, state my case, control situations, judge, question myself or others.

How liberating is this!

I just breathe, smile and fall deeper into understanding myself, loving myself and accepting all that arises.

In loving and understanding myself, I love and understand all.

As I am all.

You are me.

I = we.

Nobody is ever apart.

So powerful, so very, very powerful!

Bec Hart.

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